Badass Weekend Is Upon Us, Friday & Saturday

feature_badass_weekendYep, it’s true; Badass Weekend is well and truly upon us, and it promises to be pretty fucking amazing. “Yeah, yeah — don’t you say that every damn weekend?” Okay, that’s a good point, but in this case I’m talking about one specific show, a two-day mess of hardcore, metal, and flat-out noise the organizers are calling (der) “Badass Weekend”. And no, that title’s not wrong, by any means.

From 6PM ’til God-knows-when this Friday, February 15th, and Saturday, February 16th, a horde of the aforementioned types of heavy-ass bands will descend on Walter’s, with afterparties at the Houston House of Creeps and Ballistics Skate House — the show was originally booked for just the latter two venues, but it’s freaking exploded since, so it’s thankfully been moved to the bigger venue.

There’re some truly awesome bands playing throughout, including ever-entertaining noise-rock legends Rusted Shut, Austin icons Mammoth Grinder, metal dudes War Master, and ’90s throwback noisemakers Black Coffee, plus a shitload of others. Check out the full schedule over on the event’s Facebook page, and be warned that it could still change.

The whole thing costs $25 for a 2-day pass (plus $5 for both afterparties), or $15 for just Friday & $17 for Saturday; be warned, though, that it looks like you can no longer purchase the 2-day passes online — you might still be able to get ’em at Sound Exchange, Vinal Edge, or Walter’s itself.

However you get your tickets, I’d get there early, because this thing’s going to be packed to the freaking rafters. Get on out & do some damage to your eardrums/sanity…

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    […] & Kruds @ Houston House of Creeps & Ballistics Skate House ($5) Yes, yes, yes. Already talked about this one, but it bears re-mentioning, because this is the single biggest pile of noisy, ear-destroyingly […]

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