Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Project Grimm + Brand New Hearts + The Gary + Ruiners + Sarah Jaffe + More

74912_401579016596158_244548056_nsigh. Friday, February 1st, and I am sorely, sorely behind on the never-timely-to-begin-with weekend rundown, I’m afraid. Apologies for that, folks; been dancing with midgets all evening and am only now able to get back online. But hey, you’ve still got plenty of time to get on off the couch — here we go:

Project Grimm/Strange Weapons/Brand New Hearts @ Big Star Bar (free!)
It’s a tough call for the #1 spot of the evening, but this show over at Big Star Barnot Rudz, as I previously declared elsewhere; d’oh! — wins out by a nose. See, not only are old-timer (i.e., my age) rocker dudes Project Grimm, a band I’ve liked for quite a few years now & have actually grown to like more over time, somehow, playing, but so are Brand New Hearts, a local scene supergroup of sorts that includes ex-members of Bright Men of Learning, Bring Back The Guns, & Ultramagg.

I talked a bit about BNH earlier today, but damn, I’m still psyched, and bummed that I’ve got to miss tonight so I can prep the house for Munchkin #1’s birthday party. sigh. The things you gotta do… Anyway, I’ve got my fingers crossed this won’t be anywhere near the band’s last show, because whatever these guys do promises to be Bad. Ass.

530706_580627711952907_1190153774_nDead Mineral/The Gary/Defending the Kingdom @ Rudyard’s
And in the #2 spot, here we have one of my favorite Austin-by-way-of-Houston bands ever, The Gary, which includes awesome dude Trey Pool, somebody who longtime scenesters will probably remember from bands like Trompedo or Sad Like Crazy. These days he’s rocking out in a brooding, murky, booze-heavy trio that does ’90s indie-rock like few other bands can. I caught them opening for Mission of Burma back in September (a show I still need to write up, shamefully), and they were fucking mesmerizing, seriously. Besides Trey, frontman/bassist Dave Norwood is a hell of a presence up on the stage, and not just because he’s a freaking giant. Highly recommended.

And hey, the other bands playing are no slouches, either. I haven’t heard Dead Mineral yet, but I liked ’em when they used to be called Novox, and I’ve heard good things since. Then there’s Defending the Kingdom, who I’m happy to see are still around — they seem to change drastically every time I see ’em, but every time’s been good, whether it’s the rawer, heavier, more screamy version or the more thoughtful, progcore-ish version. Good all the way ’round.

Ruiners/The Beans/The Journey Agents @ Avant Garden
Talked about these guys recently, too, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’re going to be up to in the coming months & years. They’ve got a very cool sound, kind of reminiscent of Samiam but with less of an emo tint to it and more of a psych haze; I can’t wait for their EP, honestly.

And hey, I’ve heard very cool things about The Beans — a band I keep meaning to see — and the Journey Agents are a damn good funk band…

Chelsea Wolfe/Sarah Jaffe @ Fitzgerald’s
Wow; low-key folkie Sarah Jaffe is back through town, for the third or fourth time in a year, it seems like. Never sad to see her pass through Houston, though — she does some intensely thoughtful, roughened-yet-sweet folk-pop, the kind that beats out all the stereotypes.

603175_492177764158837_2118228724_nOceans of Slumber (CD release)/Dixie Witch/Come See My Dead Person/Anova Skyway @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
And last but not least… Talked about this one earlier today, too, but I wanted to mention it again — metal dudes Oceans of Slumber have been a nice surprise, proggy, death-metal, and somehow rootsy/Texan, all at the same time. And hey, Come See My Dead Person are freaking great, in their oddball, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of way. Southsiders, get on out…

Negative Approach/Lower Class Brats/Power Trip/H.R.A./Killer Ape @ Fitzgerald’s
North Mississippi All-Stars/The London Souls @ Last Concert Cafe
Showtek/Surain/Jasmine Rose @ Stereo Live
Well Well/Soa/The Minx Delilah/Super Robot Party @ Acadia Bar & Grill
Smokey Robison @ Jones Hall
Blaggards @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
The Beans @ Avant Garden
The Derailers/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Triumph Over Shipwreck/Gods of Death Screw/City of the Sun/The Day After Roswell/The Heart and the Synapse/Dysmetria @ Walter’s (free!/$10)
Cylab/Provision/DJ Skully @ Dean’s
Mardi Gras! Galveston, featuring Honeybrowne, DJ Mr. Rhymez, Brandon McDermott, DJ Matty P, DJ Nesto Liam, Melovine, DJ Randy V, DJ NonStopp, & DJ Villa @ The Strand (Galveston)

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