The Eastern Sea Gets All Christmas-y, Tonight at Fitz

Yeah, I know I just posted a review of Austin band The Eastern Sea‘s First Christmas, their brand-new album of Christmas tunes — two new ones, “This Is Christmas” and “First Christmas,” both of which are great, great, great, plus excellent takes on some classic holiday songs.

But hey, what can I say? Even with the review, I still think it’s worth pointing out that the band is in Houston tonight, Monday, December 10th, playing up at Fitzgerald’s. I’ve seen this band do their beautiful, smart, intricately-crafted indie-pop thing more times now than I can count on both hands — and for Adult Me, that’s saying something — and holy fucking wow are they amazing, each and every single time. No, I’m not kidding. Or exaggerating. They’re that good.

If you want to hear ’em first, before putting down your hard-earned cash, well, check out the beautiful brand-new video for “This Is Christmas,” filmed at the Austin Trail of Lights:

You can also grab a copy of the song for free off the band’s Soundcloud page:

As an added bonus, they’re playing with local folks Second Lovers, about whom I’ve raved several times recently, particularly with regards to their stellar album Wishers, Dreamers & Liars, which is on my personal short-list of Best Albums of 2012 (along with TES’s Plague, come to think of it…).

So, get your shoes, quasi-ironic t-shirt, and hoodie on and get on up to Fitz this evening. You won’t be sorry.

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