Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: David Bazan + Jon Black + March to the Sea + excuseMesir + Distorted Chicano Fest + More

Yes, folks, it’s Friday once again, November 30th, right at the cusp of December — and not-really-coincidentally, also the time of year when I suddenly realize that holy shit, I let a ton of stuff fall by the wayside that I really, really needed to do. Argh.

Anyway, that’s my deal, not yours; you should go out and make merry, instead. Here we go:

David Bazan Band/Stagnant Pools @ Fitzgerald’s
Oh, yes — the big one. David Bazan‘s back in town, this time playing Control, the 2002 release of his former band Pedro the Lion, in its entirety. And that’s a damn good thing, because it’s a thoughtful, low-to-the-ground chunk of drone-rock goodness, reminiscent of Seam at their quietest and with Bazan’s awesomely gruff voice; I missed it the first time out and have had to go back and listen recently, and I’m pretty impressed. Tonight should be excellent, y’all.

Darwin’s Finches/Jon Black/FLCON FCKER/Babel Fishh @ Dean’s
An odd pairing, to be sure, tonight’s show up at Dean’s see headliners Darwin’s Finches spin out their quirky, high-voiced, prog-tinged rock atop a bill that also includes rapper Jon Black, electronics manipulator FLCON FCKER, and psychedelic hip-hop dude Babel Fishh. And yes, I like every damn one of ’em, particularly Babel Fishh & Black, the latter of whom I was happy to be able to introduce my London-dwelling hip-hop fan nephew while he was here this summer.

The Boulevard Nights (CD release)/The Dead Revolt/Devil Killing Moth/excuseMesir/March to the Sea @ Fitzgerald’s
Oh, yes. I’ve heard only little bits of The Boulevard Nights, but the band’s quasi-funky, keys-laced pop it’s intriguing, at the very least, and I keep meaning to check out both The Dead Revolt (whom SCR writer Jason likes quite a bit, I know) and Devil Killing Moth (soon, I swear…). Most of all, though, I’ve been liking the hell out of openers excuseMesir and March to the Sea — the latter are moody, heavy rock, with bombastic, metallic guitars and intense vocals, while the former combine mind-meltingly intricate guitar lines with soulful female vocals and make it something like Rilo Kiley playing jazz in a smoky bar somewhere. Recommended.

Distorted Chicano Fest 2, featuring Always Guilty, Molotov Compromise, Fuska, Gods Of Death Skrew, Ghost Concept, & Mannequin Mishap @ Mango’s
Nice cross-section of Latino/Chicano bands over at Mango’s tonight — I don’t know most of ’em, I’m afraid, but I have heard ska-punk dudes Always Guilty and have liked them for a while now, and I remember liking what I’ve heard of Molotov Compromise, as well, so there’s those two to recommend it. Beyond that, I think it’s cool to see a show where the bands aren’t necessarily tied together stylistically but by something else entirely; head on up to Westheimer & Taft tonight to check it out.

Ewen-Smith-Novack/Helton-Jindra/Illicit Relationship @ Fresh Arts ARC (2101 Winter St.; 8PM, $5)
Clandestine @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
DJ Chris Gray @ Leon’s Lounge (1006 McGowen)
Battle of the Bands, featuring Eyes of a Dreamer, Flights, Through Everlast, Shadows Before Us, & Gods Of Death Screw @ Walter’s
Matt the Electrician/Southpaw Jones @ Anderson Fair
Southern Backtones @ The Hideaway On Dunvale (3122 Dunvale)
Sagittarius Birthday Bash, featuring Czech-One, Mr. Castillo, & Dead Lovers (Bobby DJ & Ceeplus Bad Knives) @ Grand Prize (1010 Banks)
Roberta Flack @ Arena Theater

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