Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: False Idols + Peloton + A Sea Es + The Temper Trap + Two Star Symphony + More

Start of the weekend, folks, and yeah, it’s looking like a damn busy one, kicking off tonight, Friday, October 26th, and rolling on from there. Here’s what’s up for this evening:

False Idols: The Halloweening, featuring Young Mammals (as The Pixies), The Wild Moccasins (as Madonna), The White Strips (as The White Stripes), LIMB & Pals (as Kate Bush), Mikey and The Drags (as The Mummies), Wicked Poseur (as The Buzzcocks), DJ ADR, Little Joe Washington, & more @ The Continental Club/The Big Top ($10/$5 with costume)
Okay, so this one’s probably the biggie in terms of anticipation, and for good reason — it’s the latest of Joe Mathlete‘s series of “False Idols” shows, where bands you know and/or love from ’round the way (i.e., Houston, primarily) get up on stage and play songs from bands you also love (or hate, whichever) and attempt to channel said bands/musicians in their actual performance. What does that look & sound like? No freaking idea. But the prospect of electro-mess outfit LIMB doing a set of Kate Bush covers is both terrifying and awesome, at the same damn time. Ditto for The Wild Moccasins performing as Madonna. (Young Mammals as The Pixies is also cool, but not really that much of a stretch, y’know?)

This shindig spans that whole area of Main St. where The Continental Club is, I’m told, with bands playing both at the Continental and down the block a bit at The Big Top. $10 for the normals, $5 for the crazy, costume-wearing-before-Halloween types…

Peloton/Honey & Salt/Holder/Hoofprints @ Mango’s ($6)
Yes, yes, yes. Great, great heavy/noisy post-punk rawk goodness from Peloton, plus extremely cool old-school emo supergroup Holder and Hoofprints, which is ex-members of Golden Cities & Stadium, among other things and which I hear sounds a lot like Mineral(!). Hot damn, y’all.

A Sea Es (record release)/Poor Pilate/Mystery Flavor/Candy Coated Mothership @ Fitzgerald’s (free!)
Another Halloween-y show, this time over at Fitzgerald’s, and the organizers aren’t just inviting people to wear costumes, but there’s a $500 costume contest — whoa. More prizes, too, apparently, although I’m not real clear on what they are, but those Free Press Houston folks don’t mess around, yo.

And hey, the bands sound pretty great, too. I’ve raved recently about Poor Pilate, but it bears mentioning again how very damn cool they are. Then there’s headliners A Sea Es, who appeared a while back and have been making waves since with their swaying, swirling, low-key-yet-thumping electro-indie-pop, which brings to mind Freelance Whales or a less-misanthropic Say Hi, albeit with more soulful vocals. Check ’em out, seriously; heck, you can take a preliminary listen here:

Doubler by A SEA ES

The Temper Trap/The Neighbourhood @ House of Blues
While I’d heard of The Temper Trap prior to this week, I hadn’t really given the band a serious listen ’til a couple of days ago, and now I’m damned glad I did. The band almost comes off like an Aussie version of Coldplay, but there’s something else lurking in there, a gorgeous, soulful sense of serenity that hits deep down, right where it counts. It’s lush and beautiful and hopeful, and damn, I’m going to need to hear more. Take a listen here:

As an added bonus, I’m told the band’s excellent live, particularly Indonesian-born vocalist Dougy Mandagi, who has one hell of a magnificent voice…

Two Star Symphony/Sideshow Tramps/J.W. Americana @ Avant Garden ($10)
Very cool; two of the quirkiest, coolest bands in town playing together tonight at the Avant Garden, Two Star Symphony & The Sideshow Tramps, and the resulting collision promises to be something great. The TSS folks blow me away every time I hear them, playing these inimitably eerie, chamber-music-of-the-damned compositions, while the Tramps are the band who’ll actually be playing at your wake, stomping hard enough to wake the dead. Oh, and this is also a birthday celebration of sorts, marking the fact that all three bands involved are now 10 years old. Wow. (And hey, y’all: any chance of doing some songs together? ‘Cause that’d be extra-special awesome…)

Ghostland Observatory/DJ Dave Wrangler/Benjamin Wesley @ Warehouse Live
I wasn’t going to say a whole lot about this one, honestly, because I’m kind of up-and-down on Ghostland Observatory — I do like them, generally, but Codename: Rondo didn’t appeal to me all that much. Just saw today that Dave Wrangler and Benjamin Wesley have both been added to the bill, however, and that takes the show — in my estimation, at least — from “Not Bad” to “Holy Freaking Crap, Y’all.”

I mean, if there’s anybody in town who fits with the Austin duo’s party-funk-soul aesthetic, it’s these two guys — Wrangler crafts some truly mindblowing mashups/remixes, mangling together folks as disparate as Rage Against The Machine & Jay-Z, while Wesley does this head-nodding, mesmerizing one-man-band-style slouch-pop thing, layering sounds on top of one another ad infinitum while crooning over the top in that rough-edged voice of his. Damn good.

Eloe Omoe/Crawl/Kruds @ Vinal Edge (239 W. 19th; 7PM)
Zwee @ House of Blues (Restaurant Stage)
MFAH Mixed Media Designed by IKEA, featuring Rewards (DJ set), Night Drive, DJ Fredster, & Ceeplus Bad Knives @ MFAH (1001 Bissonnet; 8PM-12AM)
Spirits & Skeletons, featuring Molly & the Ringwalds @ Houston Museum of Natural Science (5555 Hermann Park Dr.; 8PM-12AM)
Hod/Funeral Rites/Termination Force/Spectral Manifest/Legion @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
D.R.U.M./Tim Reynolds & TR3 @ Last Concert Cafe
The Temper Trap @ Cactus Music (3:30PM)
Carry the Storm/Fallacy/Cronophage/Within This Hour/Area of Effect @ The 19th Hole (The Woodlands)

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