[UPDATED!] Giveaway Time: Win Tickets to Sharon Van Etten at Fitz, Next Thursday

UPDATE: There it goes, y’all; the pair of ticket’s been claimed. Thanks to the folks who participated!

Next week’s got quite a lineup of good, good shows, especially up at Fitzgerald’s, and one of the brightest has to be Sharon Van Etten‘s show next Thursday, November 1st with Damien Jurado & Yellow Ostrich.

Sadly, I’ve only heard bits & pieces of Van Etten’s latest, Tramp, but what I have heard has been eerie and melancholy and soulful, like old-school Motown as heard through a filter of murky death-folk. (And yes, that’s a good thing.)

So, like the title above hints, SCR is happy to offer up a pair of tickets (just one pair this time, sorry) to the show for some lucky soul out there. If you’d like ’em, you can do one of these three things:

  • Email us at “contests” at “spacecityrock dot com”, with the Subject line “Good luck bad luck survivor”.
  • Comment on this here post on our Facebook page.
  • Reply to this here tweet on our Twitter feed.

First person to do any of the above wins, eh?

And hey, here’s the haunting, Nathaniel Hawthorne-on-acid video for “Magic Chords” (which, just so you know, is decidedly NSFW, due to naked people scattered on the ground/in the water):

You can also snag an MP3 for “Serpents,” another track off the new album:

Download, listen, snag tickets (if you can), & get on out to the show…

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