Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Matt and Kim + Oberhofer + Burned Out 3 + SoundMass + Krewella (Video!) + More

Oh, yes. Into the weekend now, starting with tonight, Friday, October 19th, and there’s a truly impressive pile of things going on, all at the same time. Here goes:

Matt and Kim/Oberhofer @ House of Blues
Definitely the biggie of the night, although I will cringingly admit I don’t entirely get the over-the-top über-love Matt and Kim seem to get from anybody & everybody. Don’t get me wrong: I do like some of their songs, especially pseudo-hit “Daylight,” but the blog-love I’ve seen is waaaaay above & beyond, to me.

Maybe it’s a live thing, though — I’ve heard that Matt and Kim live is something completely, totally different from the recorded version, with lots of energy & sweatiness & whatnot, so maybe that’s it. Sadly, I have yet to see ’em play, so I can’t confirm.

And hey, I definitely like both the music and video for new song “Let’s Go,” which takes that whole Awkward Family Photos thing and the general stupidity of photo shoots and makes them nearly transcendent and beautiful (and yes, funny and weird, too). Check it out over here on Funny Or Die

Oh, and then there’s Oberhofer, a band I’ve been listening to off and on for the past few months, since we first got our hands on Time Capsules II. ‘Til this week, I was feeling kind of on-the-fence about the band, but I’m finally coming around — ’cause God-damn, are those songs freaking addictive.

I’d walked away from the band’s shiny, sing-song-y, yelpy pop for a while there, and when I came back I realized that I’d been humming/muttering about half the songs on there subconsciously for the past month or three. Damn…

Burned Out III, featuring Soapbox Revolution, Electric Attitude, & Craig Kinsey @ Fitzgerald’s
Yep, tonight’s also the third installment of the excellent Burned Out series of shows, where some of H-town’s finest musical luminaries get together to play songs that most of us out here in the world really don’t need to see ever again.

Look at the flyer over there to see some of what’ll get played, but also take a look at who’s doing the playing — tonight’s lineup includes funky, dancey electro-rock dudes Electric Attitude (and c’mon, it’s practically a given they’ll be playing The Jackson 5’s “ABC,” right? They’re gonna nail that one to the wall, definitely…), Craig Kinsey of The Sideshow Tramps (aka “Houston’s own Tom Waits,” albeit with a less-raggedy voice), and a band I’m not real familiar with called Soapbox Revolution. It’s gonna be fun.

SoundMass: My Education & Theta Naught/Super Robot Party/Glass the Sky @ Mango’s
Kind of an intriguing-sounding deal tonight at Mango’s, too — I’ve seen Austin spacerockers My Education a couple of times now (ME + the night sky = awesomeness, and that’s all I’ll say about that), but this is kind of a special-sounding show. They’re playing with Salt Lake City outfit Theta Naught, an “improv collective” that paired up with My Education on a 2010 tour to form a new, massively epic two-headed beast they call SoundMass. What will it sound like? I honestly have no clue, but it sounds like it’ll be loud, dense, and chaotic. And that doesn’t sound bad to me.

Robert Pearson & Charlie Ebersbaker @ Vinal Edge
There’s some kind of multi-show thing going on up in the Heights tonight, but I dunno a damn thing about the details except that Robert Pearson and cool dude Charlie Ebersbaker (aka Charlie Naked & one-sixth of the Linus Pauling Quartet) will be playing a set over at the new Vinal Edge location. I’ve seen Charlie play with the LP4 plenty of times (never solo, unfortunately), so I can attest to his awesomeness there, and I caught avant-garde pianist Pearson live with Lance Higdon a few years ago and was — to my utter surprise — totally blown away. The guy’s mesmerizing, seriously, even if experimental, improvised jazz piano isn’t your thing.

Benny Benassi/Krewella/Congorock/Pink Is Punk @ Stereo Live
Ran across Chicagoans Krewella a few months ago and was pleasantly impressed by the near-seamless integration of the sweet, soaring vocals, thumping beats, and crunchy/robotic dubstep drops. If you’d suggested the combination to me, I’d have most likely rolled my eyes, but damn, it works.

And yes, I’m fully aware that people my age are supposedly completely incapable of getting dubstep; fuck that. Here, watch this:

Underworld Fridays, featuring Justin Bradley @ Kryptonite (709 Frankin)
And last but not least, this one’s the debut (I think?) of friend & sometime SCR contributor Justin Bradley, who’ll be DJing at a club called Kryptonite, over on the edge of downtown. Not sure what all he’ll be spinning, but it should be entertaining, at the very least…

Dark Dark Dark/Emily Wells @ Fitzgerald’s
Teenage Bottlerocket/Smoke Or Fire/Masked Intruders/Rockaway Radio @ Walter’s
Ab Baars & Ig Henneman @ Studio 101 (1824 Spring St.; 8PM)
Southern Backtones @ Time Out #1
Pierce the Veil/Sleeping With Sirens/Tonight Alive/Hands Like Houses @ Warehouse Live (sold out!)
Love Horse/Devil Killing Moth/Only Beast/Grey Hours @ Rudyard’s
Amplified Heat/Sideshow Tragedy/The Umbrella Man/Quadraphonic @ The Continental Club
Mega Baile Con Bombón: A Fundraiser Benefiting The 63rd Annual Holiday Parade & The Houston International Festival, featuring Gracie Chavez, OG Bobby Trill, Navo, & Panchitron @ 3603 Clinton Dr.

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