Sad News Time: P.O.S. Cancels Tour Due to Medical Issues

Well, damn. Just got word that Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. — who has been my absolute favorite rapper in the universe since 2009’s amazing Never Better — has had to cancel his entire U.S. tour (for forthcoming album We Don’t Even Live Here), including the Houston date on November 16th at Fitz. And this time, I can’t even get mad about it.

See, Stefon Alexander, the main force behind P.O.S., desperately needs a new kidney or he could, y’know, die. Which would be very, very bad, obviously. He’s apparently been having issues with his kidneys since he was in his teens, culminating in an ER visit after a recent show, and he’d been planning to take a portable dialysis machine on tour with him, but the logistics just didn’t work out.

Here’s the official statement:

Again: damn. Wow. Speaking on behalf of SCR, we’ll be thinking about you, Stef, and anxiously awaiting news of your recovery. Hang in there, man.

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One Response to “Sad News Time: P.O.S. Cancels Tour Due to Medical Issues”

  1. dubbleyoo on November 3rd, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Daym.. P.O.S is da best rapper in da midwest.. hope it all goes well for him! Love the new album

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