Tomorrow: Co-Pilot Kicks Off Tour with Alaskan

Alright, so I should’ve mentioned this days & days ago, but dammit, things keep piling up, higher & higher. sigh. I didn’t want to let this slip by, though, because it’s very freaking cool…

See, Austin/Houston spacerock heroes Co-Pilot are about to embark on a East Coast tour with their also-cool buds from Ottawa, Ontario, Alaskan, kinda-sorta in honor of the split-12″ they released back in the spring. Our own Dre Giles reviewed it back then, and trust me, it’s absolutely stunning.

The tour starts tomorrow, Saturday, October 13th, over at the Houston House of Creeps — the current incarnation of which I think is located at 807 Williams — after which they’ll be veering eastward and up the East Coast, finishing up in Connecticut at the end of the month.

So catch ’em before they hit the road; the HHOC promises to be awesome, especially since they’ve got similarly loud/heavy dudes Odessa, Omotai, and Knights of the Fire Kingdom. Hell, I’d go see any of these bands on their lonesome, honestly; all together, they’re almost too much Goddamn Rock Awesomeness for mere mortals to withstand. No lie.

$5 gets you in — get on over there and rock out to those roaring, crashing, world-obliterating guitars…

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