Tonight: The Tontons Play a Make-Up Show at Walter’s

So, me not being a wine fan, I didn’t make it out to the Houston Wine Fest this past weekend. And neither, as it turns out, were headlining band The Tontons.

Okay, okay, it wasn’t their fault — the weather turned pretty bad/rainy that afternoon, so the Wine Fest organizers cancelled the band’s performance. What can you do? This is Houston, after all, where there are two seasons, Hot and Rainy, and they sometimes overlap.

Nevertheless, The Tontons felt bad about the whole thing, so they and the Wine Fest team have partnered up for a do-over of sorts, a make-up show tonight, Tuesday, October 2nd, over at Walter’s on the north edge of Downtown. If you bought a ticket to Wine Fest, hey, you get in free tonight (I’m guessing you actually have to bring the ticket, mind you, but I’m not positive about that). Otherwise, don’t fret, because it’s only $5 for the non-wine-drinkers out there, too. All are welcome.

As it was meant to be this past Saturday, The Tontons are in the headlining slot, blasting through boulder-sized chunks of soulful psych-rock awesomeness. They’ll be accompanied by badass, smart-as-a-whip rapper Fat Tony (who I’m told now kinda-sorta lives out in L.A., but hell, I’ll still claim him as a Houstonian), and excellent, hyper-kinetic pop kids New York City Queens, who are great in their own right.

So there you go — catch The Tontons one last time before they head out on tour this week…

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