High-Five Time: Black Queen Speaks Opens for Slash Tomorrow & Linus Pauling Quartet on RCRDLBL/Spinner

Got good news on a couple of fronts recently and wanted to share & virtually high-five the bands on the receiving end.

BQS Wows Slash: This one’s a little more time-sensitive, since it’s happening, um, tomorrow, Sunday, September 9th. See, that’s when Slash, legendary guitar-god for Guns N’ Roses back in The Good Old Days, is playing over at the House of Blues.

And lo and behold, local rock dudes Black Queen Speaks will be opening for ’em. Whoa. Apparently BQS entered the Guitar Center OnStage competition and fought their way through to the semi-final round, where they were picked by Mr. Saul Hudson himself to be one of 20 opening bands across the country. From here they have a shot at the finals, with a grand prize of $30,000(!) at stake. Um. Double whoa.

Seriously, guys, high-five from over here on this one; while the bullshit surrounding GN’R in recent years leaves me eye-rolling and disgusted, I’ve always thought Slash was a massively awesome guitarist. Being handpicked by him is massive.

LP4 Everywhere: Next up, it seems that with the awesomely heavy thunder of Bag of Hammers being just about to drop — September 18th is the most recent date I’ve heard — those Linus Pauling Quartet guys are freaking everywhere, and dammit, they deserve to be.

This past week, they not only got a free download of “Crom,” the first single(?) off BoH, up on Spinner, but they also got a second free download, this time for “She Did Not Know,” up on RCRDLBL.

And holy hot damn, you really, really need to grab both. Trust me. I’ve been a fan of the band for a few years now, and this is truly a high-water mark for ’em; get in on it early.

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