Rebekah Higgs, Odd Fellowship

Rebekah Higgs, <I>Odd Fellowship</I>

As I continue to hear these self-named female musician/songwriters (you know, like Tori Amos and Lisa Loeb, as opposed to .that dog and Letters to Cleo), I continue to hope for something better than what I last listened to and cast aside. Rebekah Higgs (that’s one b, one k, and two g’s) might just be the female singer artist type person I was looking for… Or not.

While I will admit that I find Odd Fellowship to be better than most of the straight-up ladies that I didn’t like (don’t worry, I tend to dislike male self-named singer/songwriters, too), it still falls flat for me. In terms of the actual vocals, Higgs has this little throaty voice that almost sounds like a whisper — and at times it seems to have an accent, but not really. It’s kind of like that of Corrine Bailey Rae or Norah Jones, both of whom I happen to really enjoy. Even still, though, this album falls short for me and lacks something. But what does it lack?

On the musical side of things, the standard guitar/bass/drums are accompanied by keys, and they are very, very upbeat. It’s not obnoxiously upbeat like Spice Girls or something that, something that just makes you want to tear your hair out, but it is close. It is too upbeat for me, to say the least.

So what exactly is this music like? Well, let me tell you.

Out there somewhere exists an actor. I won’t name him or her by name, but he or she is an aging actor who is considering giving up that side of the camera for directing. Their directorial debut will be a movie that has some unknown actors in it, or maybe even relatives. It will be your typical love story: boy has girl and is happy, loses girl and is unhappy, then does what is necessary to win said girl back by the end so we feel good about the movie.

This particular actor turned director, along with the actors, producers, the studios, and everyone involved, have one goal and one goal only in mind with this movie: make the best minute-and-a-half trailer possible. If people pay to see this movie, that’s all that matters. Who cares whether or not they actually like it, since we already have their money, right?

So you’re in the movie theater about to watch the new romcom featuring that one actor you think is cute and that actress you don’t find too threatening but sort of relate to on some level — and I mean you, not I, because A) I don’t go to theaters (I find them to be loud and full of people) and B) I wouldn’t go to this type of movie, should I actually get off my couch and go to a theater.

One of the opening trailers ends, and as the next one starts up — the one right before the movie — you see the logo for Focus Features. Then a Rebekah Higgs song plays. And, well, you know the rest from there.

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