Coke Weed, Nice Dreams

Coke Weed, <I>Nice Dreams</I>

Rather than discuss the male/female (but mostly female) vocals mixed with that country sound that reminds me of Two Gallants, George Jones, Willie Nelson, and Cowboy Junkies, I’m going to examine what a “Coke Weed” actually is.

My first thought — and perhaps the most obvious way to go — is for it to be a combination of the two drugs, marijuana and cocaine. I would assume what you do is get some cocaine and lace it into your bong or joint you roll, or what have you, and then boom, you have coke weed. Does this sound like something you’d want to do? Marijuana typically makes you mellow, while coke will jack you up, so do you want your body to be having this internal battle with itself?

I don’t think you do, so my theory on what a coke weed is, exactly, differs from what would be your obvious definition. I believe out there somewhere a plant exists that counts as a weed simply because it is abundant like dandelions, only when you pick it and put it into a blender with some sugar water, it gives you the product we have come to know as Coca-Cola.

Could it really be that simple? Hey, water falls from the sky, and we bottle and sell that. Next thing you know we’ll be bottling air.

But I digress; this isn’t a bad album. If you’re a fan of this country-but-not-really-country type of music, then you need to be listening to Coke Weed, no matter what their name means.

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