Tiger High, Myth is This

Tiger High, <I>Myth is This</I>

Is it funny to anyone else that baseball season started relatively recently, and here I am listening to all of this music that I really don’t end up liking in the end? I mean, I’m not saying it’s “ha-ha” funny, but the fact is that I feel like I’ve been having a rough time lately in terms of finding something that I like.

I’m not going to count things out to the exact number, but my record of albums I’ve liked versus not probably looks something like the Astros win/loss record. I could go into some other baseball clichés here, about how I feel like I’m really striking out and I’d like to turn things around as we approach the All-Star Game and then afterwards we can really make an honest run for the World Series.

Speaking of which, hey, that’s a fair question I’ve always wondered about: why is it called the World Series when the only teams allowed to play in it are from the United States and a few select Canadians? Is there a baseball movie that exists out there which is the equivalent of The Air Up There? If there is, someone please let me know. I’m serious — email me.

In any event, here we are with a band calling themselves Tiger High, and as they step up to the plate, it’s a swing and a miss. These guys are a four-piece with guitar/bass/drums/keys and they remind me of a cross between Weezer and The Honorary Title. They have catchy guitar riffs at times, a lot of distortion, and even an instrumental song. However, in the field of indie-pop-rock, there isn’t a whole lot about this band that makes them stand out.

Now, to close out this review, I give you a piece of information sent to me by my friend from the world of music: Drunk Dan. At a Tiger High show recently, the following exchange really happened. Drunk Dan swears on his Jack D that it did…

Tiger High singer guy: “Thank you, that song was called ‘Why Oh Why'”

Drunk Dan: “Really? You only said it about a thousand times!”

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