Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Second Lovers + The Wheel Workers + Scott H. Biram + Cinderella + More

Damn…it’s Friday, July 13th, and the weekend’s completely crept up on me, I have to admit; just had too much going on to keep track of the days, y’know? Now that I’m focusing back on things musical, though, I’m getting psyched about what’s going on this evening, for damn sure.

Before I get to the shows, though, I wanted to point briefly on over to the Free Press Summerfest thing we’ve all been blathering on and on and on about. Yours truly is still working (I know, I know…) on a writeup of the ‘fest — sorry, folks — but the FPSF folks are already looking ahead to FPSF 2013, which is bound be even more badass (badass-er?) than this year and the three years past.

To celebrate, they’re currently offering blind presale weekend passes for a measly $40, but you’ve got to grab ’em up by the end of today, or the price’ll be going up. Seriously, seriously worth it.

Anyway, on to the shows. Here goes:

Second Lovers (CD release)/The Wheel Workers/The Baker Family/The Blackwells @ Fitzgerald’s
The top of the bill for me, at least, not least because I’ve been listening to Second Lovers‘ brand-new debut full-length, Wishers, Dreamers & Liars (for which tonight is the official release show), quite a bit this week and have quickly fallen for it, hard. It’s just this nonchalant, intensely downcast pile of roots-rock/folk songs about, well, the end of love, pretty much, and it’s flat-out great. Nico Morales & co. have truly, truly outdone themselves. Check out the full review over here.

They’re also bringing another one of my favorites of the crop of young’un bands floating around town right now, The Wheel Workers (who I also reviewed not too long ago over here). They’re also somewhat on the rootsy/folky side, but with more of a sociopolitical thing going on behind-the-scenes, and they’re both smart, smart songwriters and one heck of a band. Recommended.

Scott H. Biram/Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club
I’ve talked a bit about Scott H. Biram before, I know, but I just wanted to reiterate how damn cool the guy is. He’s raw and bluesy and boozy and in-your-face, like the rowdiest trucker you’ve ever been scared of hanging out & drinking with, only you’ve given him a guitar and stuck him up on a stage. I haven’t heard much of Biram’s latest album, Bad Ingredients, but I hear there’s a serious gospel thing going on there, too.

Hell, listen for yourself:

    Scott H. Biram – “I Want My Mojo Back”

Cinderella/Seventh Rize @ House of Blues
Yes, yes, yes. I’ll admit it without a bit of guilt, y’all: I was a glam-metal fan back in my not-quite-misspent youth, and yes, I still own Cinderella‘s Long Cold Winter (on cassette, no less). Unlike most of the cheeseball metal bands I loved at the time, Cinderella actually seemed to be sort of like an Americana band trapped in eyeshadow and mascara, and the songs on that damn album still hold up, at least to me.

They, Who Sound, featuring Susan Alcorn, Jo Bird, Sandy Ewen, David Dove, & Damon Smith @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora; 8-10PM)
Abduktion (tour kickoff)/Versklaven/Bomraw/Lazer C**tzz/Garbage Dump/No Reply @ Walter’s
Vertigo Blue/Satellite Brigade/Days Drive/Racing For Red Lights @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Ibn Ubo/Cop Warmth/Moths @ Notsuoh
Dogz on Parole/The Freakouts/Penny Arcade/City of Urchins @ The Mink

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