Awesome Things to Watch: New Video from Justice

Okay, so I’ll grant that the shiny-yet-dystopian future depicted in Justice‘s brand-new video for “New Lands” isn’t the nicest place & is obviously corrupt as hell, but the game depicted therein might well be the most badass sport ever invented, combining baseball, American football, lacrosse, roller derby, rugby, hockey, Tron, Deathrace 2000, and fucking laser cannons into something totally incomprehensible yet awesomely cool.

Of course, it helps that the music is pretty much the electro version of the theme music for Monday Night Football; there’re parts that sound for all the world like an AC/DC song if you replaced the metal guitars with synths. And I mean that in a good way.

Here we go:

Hell, I’ve actually witnessed people playing freaking Quidditch (minus the flying, obviously, which seriously disappointed my eight-year-old), and doing it with utter sincerity — what says BaseCrosseDerbyLaserFuckingCannonBall can’t become a real-live sport, too?

Oh, and Justice will be coming through H-town in a couple of months; they’re playing October 28th at the House of Blues. Maybe they’ll bring an exhibition game with ’em?

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