Jack White, Blunderbuss

Jack White, Blunderbuss

Having heard nearly everything recorded by The White Stripes, I was more than a little bit intrigued as to what a Jack White solo album would sound like. The majority of solo albums that I can think of (not naming names) sound mostly like the way the band that musician came from sounded like originally.

This is also the case with Blunderbuss. The thing is, there are some slight differences here than from what you’d expect from The White Stripes as a band, but if this was labeled as the new White Stripes album, people would just see it as a natural progression and not think twice about it.

On the first song, “Missing Pieces,” there are these sort of blues keys going on, which is not all too unfamiliar for Jack White but could be out of place for the guitar/drum rock of The White Stripes.

The second song, “Sixteen Saltines,” begins with a recurring guitar riff that will always remind me of the beginning of the show Beverly Hills 90210. I feel like that show was remade and I know nothing about the remake, so I must note that is the original 90210, with Luke Perry. Hey, remember when Dylan McKay blew up in his car and was written off the show, but then somehow managed to come back later and really still be alive because it was a soap opera? Yeah, I think about that too every time I hear this song.

Overall, these songs have slight variations from what you’re used to from The White Stripes, but at the end of the day, both bands are Jack White. However you feel about an album like Icky Thump or Get Behind Me Satan is likely how you’ll feel about Blunderbuss.

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