Marisa Monte, O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade

Marisa Monte, O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade

I don’t like to do lists. I think it’s a cheap way to get out of writing a review. However, as you can tell by the title of this album, Marisa Monte does not sing in English. This — in my opinion — makes the music harder to relate to, because I have no idea what she’s singing about, no matter how well she sings. Thus, I bring you some items you probably don’t know about this album and Marisa Monte (and life) in general:

  1. The title translates to “What You Really Want to Know.”
  2. Marisa Monte her first album in 1989 and has been popular in Brazil ever since.
  3. Marisa Monte has won three Latin Grammys.
  4. Marisa Monte was named “The Most Important Living Brazilian Singer” by Rolling Stone Brazil.
  5. Apparently, there is a Rolling Stone magazine specifically for Brazil. Why, oh why, U.S. of A., must we spread our cancers throughout the world like some horrible plague? Isn’t it bad enough we have to deal with this nonsense in the U.S.? Don’t the fine people of Brazil have enough problems without our crappy magazines invading them?
  6. I wonder who the equivalent of Peter Travers is at Rolling Stone Brazil.
  7. This album comes off sounding like a Brazilian version of a cross between Adele and Feist. If for some reason the English singing counterparts are no longer good enough for you, then I guess this album might just fit you like a glove.
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