Flashbulb Fires, Gasconader

Flashbulb Fires, Gasconader

With Gasconader, the guys in Denver band Flashbulb Fires have seemingly abandoned their previous orchestral indie-rock tendencies aside in favor of sweet, sweet, candy-lush indie-pop that floats and bounces along through the ether. Which makes sense, considering that the album’s got something to do with an exploration of faith and spirituality (not unlike Quiet Company’s We Are All Where We Belong, I might add). And given how damn good these seven songs are, well, I’m glad they did it.

Musically, the songs dwell in a realm not too far removed from folks like Freelance Whales or Sun Airway, albeit minus some of the more overtly electronic elements — they still use those warm, round-edged keys to great effect, sure, but the thing feels more organic as a whole, which is always a good thing in my book. In spite of the potentially-gloomy subject matter (I mean, c’mon, closer “Holy War, Bitter Prophets” is about getting together after The Rapture hits), It’s bright and shimmery and gorgeous and full of sunshine, as unforced as a quick surprise kiss.

There’s also a resemblance to more arena-sized British bands like Athlete or early Coldplay, before they got too damn arty, primarily in the overall vibe you get from while listening. Flashbulb Fires has this languid, slowly-smiling feel to it, one that makes you feel like they’re just about to give you the grand secret they’ve been holding tightly onto this entire time. Lean in close, and maybe you’ll hear it, too.

[Flashbulb Fires is playing 6/11/12 at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar.]
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