Beast Make Bomb, Sourpuss

Beast Make Bomb, Sourpuss

Sourpuss begins with a fast guitar riff that’s kind of distorted and leads us into a song of similar speed that reminds me of Blondie’s “Call Me” or a number of different Heart songs. The second track comes in slower and clocks in near four minutes. I really like the line “You’re gonna break my heart.” How’d she know? The last two songs are similar to the first one, as they are fast and can be likened to a band like The Donnas, who can be likened to way too many bands themselves.

This EP is a mere four songs, and they’re not very long at that, but it seems to be enough to jolt my interest in Beast Make Bomb. I think if a full-length were to be released by this band, I’d be quite excited for it.

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