The D.A., You Kids

The D.A., You Kids

When I first put on The D.A.’s latest album, entitled You Kids!, my immediate thought was, “Yes! Finally! A new Franz Ferdinand album!” And as I continued listening to this album, I discovered that I wasn’t really that far off in that comparison.

The D.A. are a band who, for all simplicities, sound a lot like Franz Ferdinand. They have a lighter indie-rock sound that sometimes has hooks you can find yourself dancing to. The thing is, say what you want to about Franz Ferdinand, but at least they have some music that stands out. “Take Me Out” may annoy some people, but it’s got a guitar riff to it that when you hear it, you know it, and sometimes it just jumps out at you. The D.A., unfortunately, has no redeeming qualities such as a band like Franz Ferdinand does, which, depending upon your view of that band, is kind of sad.

If you are a fan of Franz Ferdinand and think you could enjoy a sort of lesser version of them, or just happen to be a fan of a sort of indie-dance-rock (Is that a phrase I’m coining? Probably not, huh?), then you would probably enjoy these songs. To me, these songs come off as bland and really don’t do anything for me.

On a hilarious side note, in this press photo I have for The D.A., the one guy all the way to our right looks remarkably like Larry Bird, don’t you think?

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