Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Inaugural Walter’s Bazaar + Something Fierce + The Wrong Ones + Brave New Waves + More

And here we are, heading into Sunday, May 27th; it’s a wee bit quieter than the past two days, but there is still some great stuff going on:

Walter’s Bazaar, featuring Odessa, Muhammad Ali, & Big Fiction (CD release) @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
This first one’s courtesy of the Treaty Oak Collective folks, and it looks like it’ll be a regular event over at the “new” Walter’s, located at 1120 Naylor.

The idea is to make this a regular swap meet for local musicians, artists, and whoever else — there don’t appear to be any restrictions — to come and put out their wares for sale to whomever might want ’em; if you want a table, you can reserve one for a measly $20 from the TTOC. It’ll be every last Sunday (like this one), and it sounds very freaking cool, at least to me. I’m all for anything to build a tighter-knit community here in H-town, and this looks like a neat step in that direction.

Beyond the buying & selling, of course, there’s BBQ, drinks, and yes, a handful of bands, musicians, or DJs. For this inaugural edition, they’ve got the ever-excellent Muhammad Ali, whom I love like crazy for their ripped-from-my-nostalgic-brain, no-rules take on late-’90s indie-rock, plus Dallas post-hardcore/metal band Big Fiction, who’re having their CD release at the show, and practically hypnotically, ear-crushingly loud black metal dudes Odessa, all of whom are damn good. The fun starts at 6PM

The Cry!/Something Fierce/The Wrong Ones @ Rudyard’s
Then, up at Rudyard’s, there’s some straight-up, old-school punk rawk, courtesy of local retro-punk heroes Something Fierce, who get better & better with each release, and sleazy dudes The Wrong Ones, who are in that middle ground between punk and grimy glam-rock. I dunno The Cry at all, sorry, but hell, this is worth it just for the other two bands. Both are badass.

Brave New Waves #001, featuring Cyclea, Michelle Yom, Astr0g3nic Hallucinauting, & Brent Fariss @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora St.; 7PM)
And lastly, there’s this show, the first in the Brave New Waves series, apparently — replacing the {Binarium Sound Series} shows, maybe? — which features some very cool local experimentalists, folks like Michelle Yom and Spike the Percussionist‘s Astrogenic Hallucinauting project. I’m not the biggest expert on this sort of thing, I’ll freely admit it, so I’m going to defer to Ramon over at Free Press Houston; he’s got a much better writeup than anything I could come up with, right over here.

The Texas Buzz, featuring The Hunger, Elysian, & An Ivy League Summer @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown (CD release) @ The Continental Club
Memorial Day Open House Parking Lot Party, featuring Irene, Wild Rabbit Salad, Patrick Bring Band, Devil Killing Moth, Glenn Bryant Band, Albert Storo & The Soul Hustlers, Third Ear Caravan, Robin Kirby, A Spanish Disposition, & Gideon Chesser @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar (4PM-1AM)

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