Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Venomous Maximus + Haute Wheels + Black Bananas + More

A bit of a quieter day today (Sunday, May 13th, that is), which makes a little sense, both in that it’s a Sunday and Mother’s Day, and hell, musicians have mothers, too. Well, most of them, at least. There’re a few that I’m pretty sure were hatched in a lab somewhere as part of a plot to dominate the world through vapid, crappy, brain-destroying music. (Looking at you, Chris Brown.)

But I digress. There’re still a handful of cool things going on today/tonight; here goes:

Eyehategod/Venomous Maximus/TeXXXas @ Fitzgerald’s
Mëtäl. Grrawr. I’m kinda eh on Eyehategod, I’m afraid — nothing against ’em, really, but what I’ve heard before now just hasn’t done much for me, y’know? Venomous Maximus, on the other hand, are pretty dang great, barrelling through these heavy, sharp-edged slabs of fantasy-fueled backwoods/quasi-doom metal that’s raw and angry and, well, fun as hell to headbang to. Seriously, those guys are well worth the price of admission all by themselves. Plus, there’s also TeXXXas, a relatively recent H-town metal supergroup of sorts that sounds pretty intriguing — the band includes members of Bowel, Whorehound, Krullur, Unhinged, & probably a whole lot more. Dunno what they sound like yet, but the pedigree’s impressive.

Oh, and here’s a video from Venomous Maximus, the official, ultra-trippy one for “The Mission”; check it:

2nd Annual Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Festival, featuring Roky Moon & BOLT!, Winter Wallace, The Wheel Workers, & Ancient Cat Society @ HCC Campus West Loop Center (5601 West Loop South)
Pretty sure this is already going on — sorry, I’m a bit (more) behind, w/all the Mother’s Day stuff — but get on over to the HCC West Loop Campus (south of 59, just past the Lowe’s & PetSmart) for the Haute Wheels Houston festival and feast on offerings from some of the coolest food trucks in town. I can personally vouch for Bernie’s Burger Bus, myself, a truck that’s become something of a roving holy place to me & several of my coworkers. Holy shit, those are some good burgers.

And hey, then there’s the music, which today includes Sergio from Buxton‘s “other” band, Ancient Cat Society, Beth Orton-esque songstress Winter Wallace, neat, neat indie-rockers The Wheel Workers, and yes, the soon-to-be-toast Roky Moon & BOLT!, playing one of a handful of shows before they vanish into the ether like they never really were there to begin with, Keyser Soze-style. (Or something, anyway; I was just out mowing the lawn in the heat & am somewhat dehydrated/disoriented, so bear with me here.) See ’em while you still can.

Black Bananas/Magik Markers/Dwarr @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
Last but not least, there’s Black Bananas, formerly known as RTX and which is the latest band of Jennifer Herrema, aka one half of the now-legendary Royal Trux. Black Bananas are a far, far cry from that former band, though, eschewing the garage-y rock in favor of all-over-the-place electro-funk that’s dirty and insidiously catchy at the same time; what I’ve heard so far sounds like what Prince might come up with if force-fed a crapload of illicit substances, and yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Check out/download a little of the band’s new album, Rad Times Express IV, right here:

Cop Warmth/White Suns/The Chemicals/Noguey/Electric Sleep @ Mango’s ($5)
Chico Trujillo/Los Skarnales @ The Continental Club

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