Good News on The Eastern Sea Front: Show Back On

Okay, so it wasn’t ever truly “off,” but yeah, I was a little worried when the previously-scheduled show with The Eastern Sea, Quiet Company, & The Literary Greats was in limbo, double-booked on one date and not booked at all on the other.

Happily, things have been sorted out, and the show will still be next Friday, April 27th, only now it’ll be up at Warehouse Live, in the “Green Room,” which I honestly have yet to see — I’m told it’s somewhere off that hallway on the Studio side where the bathrooms are? Got me.

At any rate, this is very cool to hear; I’m a huge Eastern Sea fan, as most longtime readers of this here site probably know by now, and songwriter/guitarist/singer Matthew Hines can really-truly do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been looking forward to the band’s brand-new full-length, Plague, for a long damn time now, and am extra psyched now that they’ve released the first track, “A Lie,” off the new effort.

It’s different from a lot of the band’s prior stuff, making its way along busily rather than meandering moodily down the road, but it’s insanely catchy even still, and awesomely propulsive. Check it out for yourself right here:

A Lie by TheEasternSea

On top of TES, of course, there’s also The Literary Greats, whom I’ve liked for three ridiculously solid releases now (although, yeah, I do find myself yearning to step back & hear “Listen To The Band” and “Thundercloud to Peru”) and can’t say enough good things about, and Quiet Company, who put out one of the best out-of-left-field surprises I got this last year with the phenomenal, beautiful We Are All Where We Belong.

It’s a damn good bill all ’round; mark it on the calendar, folks.

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