Back From The Dead: Blackmarket Syndicate, Coming Back Around Tomorrow Night

And now for some more good news… A few years back I got sent a CD, Why Do We Even Try?, by a scrappy little trio I’d never heard of before called Deathbed Repentance, and I was immediately blown away by the band’s streetwise-yet-somehow-rootsy breed of punk, which pretty much bridged the territory between Social Distortion at their bluesiest and Rancid’s fists-up NorCal politico-punk.

A seeming handful of shows later, the band renamed itself Blackmarket Syndicate, gained a new member (I think), and then…well, they kind of disappeared for a little while there. Not sure what happened, exactly, because they seemed to be getting a bit better-known ’round this city & elsewhere, were touring pretty seriously, and then, I dunno.

Zip forward to now, and lo and behold, they’ve returned. The Syndicate guys are back with a brand-new album, And the Peasants Rejoiced (which I’m finally getting a chance to listen to now, and hell, it’s pretty damn good so far), and to celebrate they’re playing tomorrow night, Sat., April 21st, up at Fitzgerald’s along with Skeleton Dick, Dead to the World, and The American Heist, all of whom I’ve either seen/heard and liked or heard good stuff about.

And despite the name change and handful of years in-between, that fire from Why Do We Even Try? is still burning brightly; check out the entertainingly old-school video for “Plead the 5th,” off the new album, for proof:

There you go — I’ll hopefully be able to write up an honest-to-God review before the actual show, so keep an eye out, but in the meantime, I’m just glad these guys are back.

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