Yr. (Very Late) Weekend, Pt. 1: New York City Queens + England in 1819 + Art Institute + Lotus Effect + More

Arrrrrgh. Here we are, y’all, late once more — sorry about that, but non-musical things have had to win out many, many times this week. sigh. And now it’s tonight, Fri., March 23rd, and there’s some really good stuff going on; get on out there now, folks. Here goes:

New York City Queens/Featherface/England In 1819/The Dead Revolt @ Fitzgerald’s
Oh, yes. Hands down my favorite of the evening, right here. I’ve been listening quite a bit to New York City Queens‘ debut, and I have to say, I’m damn impressed with ’em so far; I’m not alone, either, as evidenced in part by Jason Smith‘s very cool interview with the band, up over here. Then there’s Featherface, whom I love — I seriously can’t want to hear something new from these guys, and soon. Their sunny, swirly, fuzzed-out psych-pop just hits right where it should.

Earlier in the evening (I think; not too sure about the schedule), there’s Baton Rouge band England in 1819, whose new album Alma I’ve been obssessed with all freaking week. It’s like Radiohead if they’d all been Decemberists-like theater majors and wanted to put on a grandly melancholy, amazing musical about…well, hell, I dunno what. But it’s awesome, seriously. Check out the full review here. Last but definitely not least, there’s The Dead Revolt, who I really need to see at some point — I’ve heard good, good things about the band, and what I’ve heard of ’em so far has been very cool.

The Escatones (7″ release)/Art Institute/Rusted Shut/Taifas/Thee Roughies @ Super Happy Fun Land
Then there’s a three-way tie for second place, starting right here. I’m a little bummed Muhammad Ali no longer seem to be playing this show — they’re no longer listed on the SHFL site, at least — but I finally got to see {Art Institute} live and firing on all four cylinders recently, and holy fuck are they good. Loud, raw, and insanely confrontational, but still weirdly mesmerizing and cool.

I keep meaning to see The Escatones, too, because they sound pretty promising, and hey, speaking of “confrontational,” there’s always Rusted Shut, who are less a band and more an experience. Bring earplugs, yes, but definitely make sure you’re there to witness the inevitable, entertaining meltdown.

The Lotus Effect/Shadow Hound/Jealous Creatures @ Rudyard’s
#2 in the tie-up mess, there’s this show over at Rudyard’s tonight — and hey, it’s Rudz, where no show starts before 10PM ever, so there’s a good chance you can still catch all three bands. That’s a very, very good thing, too, because headliners The Lotus Effect are one hell of a band (I’m seriously looking forward to hearing the new stuff, y’all), just straight-up alternarock that’s in your face and melodic at the same time.

I dunno Shadow Hound, I’m afraid, but opening is Jealous Creatures, who I also managed to catch recently and who are pretty phenomenal. Last year’s full-length, Little Heaven Big Sky, was honestly one of the coolest things I heard in 2011, and apparently they’re already hard at work on their third release in, what, a year and a half? Damn.

Yello Echo/The Boulevard Nights/March to the Sea @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Finally, there’s this one, over at Dean’s. I haven’t yet heard Yello Echo, sadly, but before she left town for The Windy City, writer Robin Babb waxed ecstatic about ’em and even did an interview with ’em, right here. I’ve been meaning to check ’em out since, but haven’t managed it yet…

There’s also The Boulevard Nights, about whom I’ve heard great things, and March to the Sea, who I’ve meant to check out, as well. There you go…

William Shatner @ Jones Hall
That Big Metal Show, featuring Downfall 2012 (CD release), Carry The Storm, Decimation Theory, MachinaTX, & Adamantium @ Bayou Music Center (formerly Verizon Wireless Theater)
The Boombastic PunkORama SlamAJama, featuring Penny Arcade, Killing Clover, GFY, & The Swamps @ The Mink
UH Frontier Fiesta, featuring The Tontons, New York City Queens, & more @ Robertson Stadium (UH campus)
PAPAYA/Mikey & The Drags/DJ Psychedelic Sex Panther @ The Big Top
Doughbeezy @ Warehouse Live (Studio)

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