Martha’s Trouble, A Little Heart Like You

Martha's Trouble, A Little Heart Like You

The funny thing about music is that if I had heard this CD any time over a year ago, I would have thought that it was cute and probably good for kids, but I wouldn’t have really known what else to say about it. Hearing this now, while having a two-month-old son, gives me an entirely new appreciation for it. (For the record, my son listens mostly to metal — especially Metallica — and hip hop, in terms of non-traditional baby music.)

This album contains a total of ten songs, with four originals and some traditional lullabies thrown in, as well, such as “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Hush Little Baby,” and “Jesus Loves Me.” Apparently, Martha’s Trouble is a real-life folk duo who happens to have this as their children’s lullaby album, but I guess otherwise make music for adults. I haven’t heard anything else by the pair, but this is something that will definitely be on my son’s playlist for a very long time.

It is just genuine folk song-sounding lullabies that may not necessarily be something I listen to on a regular basis but that are perfect for children. I’ve never really been a fan of The Wiggles or anything that is seemingly mainstream for kids these days, but this is something I definitely do like, not just for my child but nearly any child. I encourage other parents to seek it out as well and purchase the album for their children’s pleasure.

The way I got this CD, I can’t see all of the packaging, but from what I hear it’s going to come with liner notes that include the words to the songs and illustrations done by an outside artist (meaning not one of the two musical performers). Combining visual stimulation with that of audio stimulation is something that I am strongly in favor of. This is something that I would like to see all bands do, but to do it for the kids makes it that much better.

(A Little Heart Like You will be released on May 8th, 2012, which also just happens to be Mother’s Day.)

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