The Explorers Club, Grand Hotel

The Explorers Club, Grand Hotel

Several times in the press release for this album, The Beach Boys are mentioned by name. It also says how The Explorers Club are influenced by bands of the 1960s. So, does this sound like The Beach Boys? No, not really. Songs like “Bluebird” and “Summer Days, Summer Nights” have a distinct Beatles feel to them. Other songs remind me of something between Tom Jones (yes, Tom Jones), and the band from the movie That Thing You Do.

There are horns, and kind of a salsa sound at times. In any moment I’m waiting for this record to somehow come to life and take me away to Fantasy Island. But would I listen to it again? Probably not, until maybe I’m at least 50 years old.

The last track — “Open the Door” — is very powerful, and belted out like an opera. The Explorers Club definitely deserve recognition for their talent, but I still wish to believe I am too young to be listening to music that my grandparents would probably enjoy if they didn’t love polka so much.

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