Doomtree, Coming to Town Next Week (Plus MP3s/Video)

Holy shit, y’all. Aside from the growing host of H-town’s own homegrown heroes (Fat Tony, B L A C K I E, iLL LiaD, hasHBrown, Nosaprise, & The Niceguys, I’m looking at you) and perennial favorite Atmosphere, there’s not a single rapper or hip-hop crew I’d rather hear more these days than Minneapolis collective/gang/whatever Doomtree.

Which is a good, good thing, because they’re coming through Fitzgerald’s next Wednesday, February 8th, when they’ll be hitting the stage with the aforementioned Nosaprise as opener.

I’ll admit it up-front, btw: if it weren’t for the fact that I already knew & freaking loved P.O.S., I probably wouldn’t have ever given ’em a listen. P.O.S. (aka Stef) is far from the focus here, however — his crewmates Dessa, Cecil Otter, Sims, & Mike Mictlan all blow minds, and producers Lazerbeak & Paper Tiger create backdrops for the rhymes that are unlike anything else I’ve heard. Seriously, they’re incredible, all sharp edges and triphammer beats and rhymes that’re smarter than most of the music you heard all last year.

Check out a couple of the tracks off last year’s full-length, No Kings, right here:

Then there’s this, the video for No Kings track “Bangarang,” as performed karaoke-style by Har Mar Superstar. It ain’t pretty (esp. later in the video), but damn, it’s a great track:

There you go; now you know where you need to be next Wednesday. What, like you were doing anything else?

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