Tomorrow: Balaclavas Prepares to Hit the Road (at Walter’s)

Okay — first off, ignore the bottom of that there flyer, mmmmkay? Since it was originally scheduled, the Balaclavas tour kickoff show has shifted location not once but twice. At the start, the show was supposed to be at The Mink, but then it got moved over to Mango’s when the whole Mink weirdness went down.

Then, just last week, I heard the thing had been moved again, to Walter’s, except our happy little shows list still said Mango’s. Erm. Whoops. Sorry, y’all…

At any rate, Walter’s is the place, and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty great show, with raw, loud noise-rock dudes Black Congress and the promising-sounding outfit Psychic Palms (who I have yet to hear) opening for spiraling, scraping, dub-y post-rock trio Balaclavas, who are simultaneously one of the strangest, most unique bands in town and one of the most hypnotic, addictive bands in town.

As noted above, this is the kickoff show for Balaclavas’ West Coast tour, so if you’re not in the Houston area, well, you can catch ’em on the road:

1/13 Houston, TX MANGOS with Psychic Palms and BLACK CONGRESS
1/14 Austin, TX The Mohawak w/ The Young
1/15 Marfa, TX TBA PADRE’s
1/17 San Diego, CA Tin Can Alehouse
1/18 OFF
1/19 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern w/ Cat Party, La Corde
1/20 Los Angeles, CA La Cita at Punky Reggae Party
1/21 Oakland, CA 1234Go! Records w/ Yi, Rat Columns, Terry Malts
1/22 Los Angeles, CA Permanent Records w/ Lamps
1/23 Tuscon, AZ Red House
1/24 Albuquerque, NM GASWORKS
1/25 Lubbock, TX Prairie Fire Theater

(Oh, and they may still be looking for a show for January 18th, in-between San Diego & SF, so if you book shows and can set something up, let the band know, eh?)

Don’t fret, Easterners/Midwesterners — Balaclavas hasn’t forgotten about you, either. They’ll be heading your way in mid-March and early April.

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    […] (tour kickoff)/Black Congress/Psychic Palms @ Walter’s Already talked about this one, but I must reiterate just how damn cool it’s going to be. […]

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