Also Saturday: All Dread Set @ Cardoza Fine Art

And now, yet another thing to do this coming Saturday, January 14th — seriously, that one single night is breaking my freaking heart

This one’s a wee bit more on the art/experimental side than the rest, I’d say, so heads up, fans of all things strange and oddball. It’s a multimedia “art event” the organizers are calling All Dread Set, over at Cardoza Fine Art (which I believe used to be The Atomic Cafe, at 1320 Nance).

The event involves a bunch of different folks, with a sound & video performance by murky, electronic Indian Jewelry offshoot Coxcombs (which I’m pretty sure includes the ever-cool Tex Kerschen), installations by Tina Forbis (aka How I Quit Crack) and Ken Wiatrek, and paintings by Jon Read, of The Wiggins infamy (if you’ve seen any Wiggins album covers/flyers, you already know his artwork). Oh, and depending on which flyer you see, Lucas Gorham (Grandfather Child, Sad Gorilla, plus many other things) may be playing music for the thing, as well — not sure if he’s still on the bill.

They’re all neat, original, cool people, and the combination sounds intriguing, to say the least. The thing’s free, btw, and the festivities start at 8PM.

Of course, this being the Age of YouTube and constant, never-ending video from everywhere, there’s a brief “sneak preview” video up for the show:

Mark yr calendars, people. Something for everybody this weekend, honest…

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