Reminder Time: Latch Key Kids, This Weekend (And a New Video)

Just wanted to take a moment to point folks towards this weekend once again and remind all & sundry that this coming Saturday, January 14th, up at Fitzgerald’s, is the official-shmofficial release party/show for Democracy: The Art of Maintaining a State of Fear, the brand-new EP from resurrected pop-punks the Latch Key Kids.

I’ve heard bits & pieces of it so far, and what I’ve heard has been pretty great, like they’ve only gotten tighter and more focused since The Good Old Days back in the ’90s. The EP officially hits the streets January 10th, but diehards can rush on up to Vinal Edge right now to grab a special early-bird copy. Apparently the first three copies sold also include a free ticket to this weekend’s show…

These guys are awesome, seriously — they were back when I saw ’em in my youth, and they sure sound like they haven’t gone a bit soft along the way, despite being now older and (possibly) wiser.

Oh, and they’ve got a brand-new video up, too, for “Reserve”; I’m liking the song quite a bit, with its throwback Cali-style punk stomp and metallic guitars, even though I can’t claim to fully get what the heck’s going on in the video itself. LKK as a gang of guitar-wielding militiamen? An organized, angry street gang? Not sure, but it’s still worth watching:

So there you go — make plans to hit Fitz on 1/14, rock out to the band, and get a copy of the EP (if you haven’t already). The pre-sale tickets are $8 (get ’em here), and they’re $10 at the door.

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