Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: the last place you look + Adelaine + AThousandColours + Suffers + Sergio Trevino + More

Rolling up on the evening of Saturday, January 7th, now, and there’s definitely some good stuff going on. Here’s what I think looks badass:

the last place you look/Faceplant/Abolition Formula/Sundown Audio @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Have I mentioned lately how freaking much I love the last place you look? No? Well, consider that rectified right now — these guys are one of my favorite bands in this city, and have been since 2009’s See the Light Inside You. Sure, they’re pretty much a loud, heavy, post-emo melodic rock band, but so what? They’re fucking awesome at it.

Happily, they’ve gotten quite a bit of attention lately on The Buzz, of all places — in the process, making me begrudgingly hate the station less — and I’m hoping that’s a step upwards towards, hell, I dunno what. Bigger & better things. Keep your eyes out for their followup full-length, which I’m told has just been mixed…

Otenki/Another Run/Adelaine/Vice Verse Us/AThousandColours @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
And here’s a handful of bands I’ve been liking lately — again, all kind of in the heavy-guitars-and-melodic-singing vein, although Another Run are a wee bit different — particularly Adelaine, whom I was lucky enough to be able to interview recently. The band’s EP, Take Heart, is the best female-fronted emo-esque thing I’ve heard since, well, since While You Were Gone went down the tubes, and the folks in the band all seem like genuinely nice, sweet people.

There’s also {AThousandColours}, who I’ve heard some of lately and been impressed by — the band sounds like Elliott might’ve if they’d been raised on a steady diet of Coldplay rather than Sunny Day Real Estate, and I’m glad to see ex-(?)American Fangs guitarist Kenyon is still doing stuff musically.

Heights Vinyl In-Store Performance Series, featuring Sergio Trevino (mem. of Buxton) & Brent Nettles @ Heights Vinyl
Sweet. I have yet to make the trek up to the recently-opened Heights Vinyl, but early reports make it sound like a pretty damn cool place, and I’m always happy to see a new music store on the scene (still need to get over to Vinyl Junkie, too, come to think of it).

And hey, Sergio Trevino (of Buxton & Ancient Cat Society fame) is pretty brilliant at everything he turns his hand to, so I’d expect an excellent acoustic (I’m assuming) set. Case in point: picked up Sergio’s hand-made Christmas CD recently and was mightily impressed with the neat, neat melding of electro-pop, jangly guitars, and flat-out soul. Plus, while I haven’t yet heard much by Brent Nettles, I’ve heard good, good things…

The Suffers/Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans/Lower Life Form @ Rudyard’s
Okay, so I’m gonna make this one a plea, more than anything else: good people of promising-sounding ska/funk/whatever band The Suffers (which includes folks from Idiginis, Los Skarnales, The Handsomes, & more), could you please, please, please post some music somewhere online so lame-ass people like me who can’t often make it out of the house can listen in? Cool? Thanks.

Free Communities, Free Minds!: Benefit for Houston Free Thinkers, featuring Mirror The Humans, PUBLIC, The Freakouts, PAPAYA, A dream Asleep, & BrokenQuote @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
Amplified Heat/Eric Tessmer Band/Scorpion Child @ The Continental Club
Bring Me The Music Houston: A Showcase for Rotten Records, featuring a bunch of bands @ Fitzgerald’s
Sat., January 7 – Willie Nelson & Family @ Nutty Jerry’s (Winnie)

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