Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Jealous Creatures + A Sundae Drive + Super Robot Party + Elvis Night + Babel Fishh + More

Yes, weekend time is upon us, although the first night of it’s a little on the chilled-out side compared to how things’ve been recently. A quick note to start with, though — just saw that tonight’s show up at Fitz with Crizzly (no real clue who that is, btw) has been cancelled, so shift plans accordingly…

Here’s what I’m liking for tonight, Friday, January 6th. As always, your mileage will almost certainly vary:

Super Robot Party/Jealous Creatures/A Sundae Drive @ Dean’s Credit Clothing ($5; 9PM)
This one wins the fight tonight, at least for me, on multiple fronts. Dean’s tonight has not one but two of the coolest, most promising bands in town right now, namely Jealous Creatures and A Sundae Drive — the former managed to put out a jaw-dropping full-length that’s circling my personal top-ten list for this year with its windswept, lonesome-West-tinged indie-rock awesomeness, and the latter impressed me with their gentle, occasionally Seam-/Copeland-like shoegazing and serene drone. Both are damn good, I swear, although I have yet to be able to catch either live, sadly.

Then there’s headliners Super Robot Party, a band that I’m told includes members of the justly-celebrated, long-dead MYTWILIGHTPILOT from a decade or so ago; I’ve only heard bits and pieces so far, but what I’ve heard is nicely splintered and hazy, almost like Bee Thousand-era Guided by Voices, before Pollard & co. dove headlong into The Rock. $5 for the whole mess.

Elvis Night, featuring Southern Backtones & Craig Kinsey @ Fitzgerald’s
And then, there’s Elvis. Well, kind of. In (early) honor of The King’s birthday, The Sideshow Tramps‘ frontman Craig Kinsey is banding together with rocker dudes Southern Backtones tonight at Fitzgerald’s to celebrate with music, PB&B hors d’oeuvres (really? nice!), costumes, and God knows what else. It sounds like it’ll be quite a party, especially since this year they’ve decided to add David Bowie to the mix — he was also born January 8th. Go party with The King and, er, Ziggy Stardust, eh?

Positive Disturbance/Silk Knives/Evak-1/Babel Fishh/General Populations/Scotty Hawk @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
I have to say, this one’s a little bit odd for The Scout Bar — the Clear Lake mainstay has made its bones hosting metal and alternarock shows, with not a whole lot in the indie-hop vein. But hey, I’ll throw no stones; good on ’em for doing it, especially since they’re bringing the ever-elusive Babel Fishh (aka Scott Huber) down to the Lake of Clarity for it. I freaking love that guy, strange as he is.

Wo Fat/The Grand Astoria/Project Armageddon/Sanctus Bellum @ The Mink
Disco Expressions/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Deadman @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Houston Rocks!, featuring Mark May Band, Bayou City Outlaw Band, Black Queen Speaks, Paul Ramirez Band, & The Sellouts @ House of Blues
Gnar World Order/The A.M. Prowlers/Elbodo/Dada Moda @ Brew Brothers (Galveston)

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