the last place you look Release New Song/Video (and Play a Show Tonight)

I have to say, it has been too damn long since post-emo heroes the last place you look released new music — hell, it’s been so long the Houston Press apparently thought they released “Band to Save Me,” off of 2009‘s excellent See the Light Inside You, this past year. I’ve heard rumors about demos of maybe-someday release Rip It Out, but haven’t actually seen/heard anything of it yet. Dang.

The above is to say, though, that I’m very happy to see a brand-new song from TLPYL, their version of Christmas classic “Do You Hear What I Hear?” It’s the same song you’ve heard about a bazillion times before, only amped-up beyond belief with frontman Nava‘s bellowed/sung baritone(?) vocals and stacks of Marshall amps apparently about 12 stories high (I’m going strictly by the sound, mind you).

You can snag the song over on iTunes — look here, but to make things even cooler, the band’s made a video for the new tune, which is awesomely DIY and sweet (and made on a whiteboard, which makes it even cooler to me, for some reason).

And hey, the band’s playing their first show in a month or two tonight, Friday, December 9th, up at Warehouse Live with San Antonians Nothing More and locals {From Guts to Glory} and Life as Lions, the latter of which I’m told includes members of sadly-departed band Thee Armada (whom I liked quite a bit). (BTW, barring any unforeseen madness, this is probably where I’ll end up tonight, y’all.)

Oh, and congrats to the band for getting nominated once again for the Texas Buzz Awards handed out by 94.5 The Buzz; this time around they’re up for “Rock Band of the Year,” “Best Live Performance of the Year,” “Vocalist of the Year,” “Guitarist of the Year,” and the overall “Band of the Year.” Wow. Fingers crossed, you guys…

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2 Responses to “the last place you look Release New Song/Video (and Play a Show Tonight)”

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