Tonight: Weird Party + Wicked Poseur + Cave @ Fitz

Quick one, right here — there’s a pretty damn neat show going on tonight (Wed., December 7th) up at Fitzgerald’s, with badasses Weird Party, whom I like a hell of a lot for their slashing, snarling attempt to drag modern “punk” back down to the dirty gutter, and Wicked Poseur, who I’ve somehow managed to never see (I think…) but about whom I’ve heard many, many, many good things. They’re playing with Chicagoans Cave, whom I know not at all, I’m afraid, but the first two definitely makes it worth the price of admission (that is, free if you can drink legally, or $5 if you can’t).

Just to clarify, btw, I’d thought Balaclavas were playing this show, too, although I’m not sure why. It appears, however, that TT Boy of Balaclavas set the show up, but his band’s not playing. Dang. Sorry about the confusion, folks.

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