Come See My Dead Person Host 5th Annual Halloween Murder Masquerade, Saturday (Win Tickets!; UPDATEDx3)

UPDATE3: Alright, this time we’re serious, dammit — now all three pairs have indeed been claimed. Thanks, all!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Okay, so it looks like I typed too soon; one of the Facebook winners couldn’t make it out after all. :( So yes, we’ve still got one pair of tickets to give away, for anybody who wants ’em. Come one, come all…

UPDATE: All three pairs of tickets have now been claimed; thanks for everybody who emailed & posted!

I’ve wanted to check out Texas City-dwelling oddballs Come See My Dead Person for quite some time now, but I just keep missing ’em by inches..and yes, I’ll be missing ’em once again this coming Saturday, October 29th, thanks to my dear, loving wife telling a good friend we’d definitely, definitely come to their costume party (in costume, no less, the prospect of which already has me freaking out). sigh.

But hey! You should most definitely not be me (at least not in this particular case), and instead should make plans to head on over to the Last Concert Cafe for CSMDP’s 5th Annual Murder Masquerade shindig, which apparently is not only an all-out musical blowout starring the aforementioned band but also the ever-awesome Benjamin Wesley, dancer Y.E. Torres, (apologies, folks, but apparently Ms. Torres has had to cancel) Super Pancho Combo, Triskadekaphilia, & Oceans of Slumber, but also a roving Halloween-y party complete with party bus that’ll take coastal-dwelling fans up from the Hazy Daze Smoke Shop to the Nightmare on the Bayou Haunted House and then on to the LCC for the actual Murder Masquerade. Whoa.

On top of that, they’ll have real-live glass blowing happening during the show (courtesy of the awesomely-named Blow It Out Your Glass), makeup artists to turn you into a zombie for the festivities, and gift bags for early arrivals (courtesy of Night Owls Print Shop).

Obviously, the music’s the most critical part to me, but CSMDP definitely delivers the goods (as does Benjamin Wesley, of course); they meld crazy gypsy-folk music with murky country/bluegrass, Blues Traveler-y jam band rock, downhome blues growling, and wild, raucous noise into a no-rules mess that still manages to coalesce amazingly well into something you’re not likely to have heard before.

Check out “Rat Song,” off their debut EP, right here:

    Come See My Dead Person – “Rat Song”

Seriously, this sounds like a very cool time, whether or not you’re an over-the-top Halloween fanatic — awesome music, cool atmosphere, extras, all that, starting at $15 (the bus & “VIP package” are more; see here for details)…what more could you want?

Well, heck, why not — how about free tickets? Thanks to the kind CSMDP folks, SCR has three pairs of tickets/guestlist spots to give away to a handful of lucky winners. If you want to go, send an email to “contests at spacecityrock dot com” with the Subject line “Show me the dead people!” (and your name and email address), or check out our Facebook page or Twitter feed and respond appropriately on over there.

Should be a good one, y’all…

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