M83 Releases New Video for “Midnight City”

I talked a bit a while back about French electronic act M83, who’re coming through town at Warehouse Live in just a couple of weeks (Fri., November 4th, to be precise), and damn, I’m still psyched as hell to see the show (fingers crossed).

The bits and pieces I’ve heard so far from new album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming are stunningly gorgeous, merging my favorite parts of the ear-filling majesty of 2003’s Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts with the ’80s-tinged pop sheen of 2008’s Saturdays = Youth and coming out the other side looking like the best thing they’ve (well, “he’s,” technically) ever done.

Now main (sole?) M83-er Anthony Gonzalez has released the first video from the album, for the track “Midnight City,” and I’m bowled over yet again. M83’s music has always been heavily cinematic in nature, sounding more like the score for a never-made movie than anything else, but this time Gonzalez has embraced that fully and come up with a fleshed-out storyline that could be a freaking film.

This is one part music video, one part movie trailer, and three parts awesomeness; check it out:

Hell, I’d go see it…

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