Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: When We Ruled H-Town + OFF! + Giant Battle Monster + Alex Dezen + More

It feels a little weird, honestly, but tonight (i.e., Friday, October 14th) is a little light, shows-wise, at least relatively speaking. Fridays lately seem to’ve been overflowing with a huge pile of choices; this evening, though, things are a bit more focused, so to speak.

Before I dive into that, though, a couple of cancellations/moves to mention… This Sunday (10/15) was meant to be the CD release for local rockers The Dead Revolt, but the band abruptly cancelled the show via their Facebook page, with the following note:

We apologize everyone. Unfortunately our CD release show is canceled until further notice. I know everyone was excited for this release and we are extremely sorry but we are on a break at the moment.

Dang. Hope that “break” doesn’t turn into anything permanent, y’all…

Along similar lines, two touring bands have cancelled their shows early next month up at Fitzgerald’s; for various reasons, both The Radio Dept. and The Boxer Rebellion had to cancel their current U.S. tours, including H-town dates. Sorry, folks.

In terms of “shifted” shows, I know all you Buckcherry fans out in Winnie will be heartbroken to hear that you’ll now have to drive on into the city to see the band; they’ve been added to the Guns N’ Roses tour, so they’ve dropped their scheduled November 4th show out at Nutty Jerry’s. Yeesh. The noive… (Ah, who’m I kidding?)

Then there’s the Titan Blood 7″ release (a show that also includes The Energy, Weird Party, & The Mahas), which was set for Sat., November 19th at The Mink is now going to be on Fri., November 18th up at Rudyard’s.

Now, speaking more specifically of tonight, I feel compelled to note that tonight’s show at The Continental Club has been changed a bit; unfortunately, neither Austinites The Invincible Czars nor local rockin’ dudes The Lotus Effect, both of whom I like quite a bit, will be playing.

Locals MacAdams will still be headlining, but now they’re playing with The Dirty Verbs and Mosby (with ChangoMan playing the Happy Hour slot). Still good…

I’ve already talked about my personal favorite show going on tonight, which is the When We Ruled H-Town Showcase over at Fitz, with Blueprint (woo!), Poor Dumb Bastards, Simpleton, & Academy Black, but the other “biggie” of the pile’s over at Warehouse Live, where OFF!, the skate-punk supergroup that includes members of the Circle Jerks, Burning Brides, Redd Kross, & Rocket From The Crypt, will be burning the place down. Seriously, I’ve heard a few of these guys’ songs so far, and they’re freaking great.

On the more low-key — but still insane — side, Chris from Giant Battle Monster will be celebrating his birthday tonight up at Dean’s Credit Clothing, and he’ll be doing so (I’m assuming, anyway), by blazing through those spastic, raw blasts of progcore noise GBM is rightly known for. They’re playing with White Crime, about which I’ve heard good things, too.

Over at Bohemeo’s, The Illegal Wiretaps are playing, and they’re on my short list of Best New Bands from this year; there’s also a cool show at Stereo Live, with gentle, insistently funky electro-popsters Art vs. Science.

I can’t forget the “other” Fitz show, btw, since it features both Rhett Miller, the frontman of Old 97’s (duh) and — the real draw, to my mind, no offense to Mr. Miller — Alex Dezen, the frontman of The Damnwells. I’ve liked the Damnwells for a while now, having first checked ’em out on the recommendation of David Cobb over at Houston Calling, and I can only imagine Dezen’s solo stuff is great, as well.

Full list? Here you go:

When We Ruled H-Town Showcase #2, featuring Academy Black, Simpleton, Poor Dumb Bastards, & Blueprint @ Fitzgerald’s
White Crime/Giant Battle Monster/Droids/Peer Precious/Hard Feelings @ Dean’s Credit Clothing ($5)
OFF!/Cerebral Ballzy/Retox @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Rhett Miller/Alex Dezen (mem. of The Damnwells) @ Fitzgerald’s
MacAdams/The Dirty Verbs/Mosby/Changoman @ The Continental Club
The Illegal Wiretaps @ Bohemeo’s
Above & Beyond/Porter Robinson/Art vs. Science @ Stereo Live
Bang Tango/Shaving Suzie @ Stereo Live
SoHo Rockfest, featuring Black Queen Speaks, Otenki, IDR, Rainchild, & Inner Image @ The Flamingo Room

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