When We Ruled H-Town Showcase #2, Tomorrow

You might remember back in the spring, when word popped up about an in-the-works documentary on the scene here in Houston back in the early ’90s, called When We Ruled H-Town, by filmmakers J. Schneider & Brent Himes. Well, it’s still in the works, but it’s looking like it’s a whole lot closer to completion, these days.

And I’m damn glad to hear it; I was in college when bands like Spunk and dead horse and Sprawl were getting huge ’round town, and I was discovering all this awesome, awesome music that I’d had no idea existed. I was in The Big City, and holy shit, there were all these bands playing, bands that were raw and loud and crazy. It was a mind-blowing era, even for somebody like me who came in pretty well on the end of it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see a lot of the bands back then in their heyday, so I’m psyched as hell to see/hear what the live footage more than anything else. Check out a preview of the film itself, right here:

When We Ruled H-Town from J Schneider on Vimeo.

To promote the movie, the filmmakers are having a second “showcase” show tomorrow, Friday, October 14th, up at — where else? — Fitzgerald’s, and apparently never-died local icons Poor Dumb Bastards will be playing to celebrate, as will the resurrected Academy Black, Simpleton (who I’m pretty sure broke up about a decade ago), and (best of all to me) proto-emo dudes Blueprint. (Of course, there’s a promo trailer for the showcase, too, over here.)

There’ll also be a super-special preview of the film, including footage of metal legends dead horse. Check out the showcase & the preview, then keep an eye out for the full release of the film, due out sometime in early 2012…

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