Two Star Symphony Do The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Saturday

Gotta love those Two Star Symphony folks — they always, always come up with neat stuff to do, far beyond the normal “hey-we’re-playing-a-show” deal… This coming Saturday, October 8th, they’ll be over at The Orange Show for what is apparently an annual live performance of their original score to the classic black & white film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

I’ll admit, I’ve only ever seen bits & pieces of the film, but still, this is a damn cool thing from where I’m standing. Take one of the earliest horror movies ever made and throw on top the murky, nimble, sneakily-grinning TSS strings, and it’s bound to be pretty incredible.

Their score for a performance of Shakespeare’s classic Titus Andronicus blew my mind fairly recently, and I can only imagine what they sound like playing to the spooky old B&W footage. It’s gonna be great, seriously.

The show’s only $10, and I’m thinking space is going to be pretty limited, so get your tickets now…

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