Tonight: Atmosphere + Jacuzzi Boys (Rev’d!) + Blueprint + The Handsomes + More

Hey, all — been offline most of this week, sadly, trying to get many, many things handled on various fronts, but I didn’t want to let tonight (Thurs., September 22nd) totally slip through the cracks, because there’re some very cool shows going on.

First & foremost, Atmosphere(!) is at the House of Blues this evening, and honestly, if you love hip-hop (and don’t already know ’em, obviously), you owe it to yourself to witness this. Seen Slug & Ant twice now, and while the first time was “rocky-but-good,” the second time was “mindblowingly awesome.” Seriously.

Check out the nicely-done video for “The Last To Say” (off this year’s The Family Sign), right here:

To make things even better, hell, this time they’ve brought along Blueprint, who I’ve been a fan of since first hearing him with producer/beat-maker RJD2 in Soul Position. The guy writes some incredible rhymes; SP’s “Fuckajob” is in regular rotation on my iPod, and “Look of Pain” hits me every single time I hear it.

Beyond that, there’s a great lineup down at Mango’s, with cool, weirdball “band” The Wiggins and fellow locals Titan Blood and Psychic Palms (neither of whom I’ve had a chance to hear yet, sorry!) opening for Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys. The Boys’ first full-length, Glazin’, is pretty awesome in spite of the goofy-ass name, a bright, rough-edged chunk of power-pop than pulls together everything I love about garagey, distorted, fast-moving pop and lights it on fire. Full review here

Then there’s a neat surprise at some place called Taps House of Beer up on Washington — Houston/Austin (well, mostly Austin, these days) funk/soul/ska/whatever band The Handsomes are apparently making an appearance. I haven’t seen these guys in a very long time now, unfortunately, but damn, when I last did they were fucking great.

More going on, but that’s all I’ve got time for, I’m afraid. Here’s the list:

Atmosphere/Evidence/Blueprint @ House of Blues
Jacuzzi Boys/The Wiggins/Titan Blood/Psychic Palms @ Mango’s
The Handsomes @ Taps House of Beer (5120 Washington)
Neon Indian/Com Truise @ Fitzgerald’s
Watch The Bishop: Concert and B Day Bash, featuring Bishop Black, DJ Arsnik, D-Risha, Frankie G Da Mex, Franchise and Yung, Dirty N Nasty, Danny Wattz, Sokal, & more @ Jet Lounge
What’s Opera, Duck? @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Discovery Green Concert Series, featuring Two Hoots and a Holler & Runaway Sun @ Discovery Green
Skip School Go Mosh!, featuring Aegaeon, The Browning, Sovereign Strength, Frontlines, Kleos, Waverly Hills, Feign, Artifacts, Varsities, Beaten To The Punch, & Crixis @ Cain’s Ashes (2628 FM 1960 Rd. E)

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