Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Sideshow Tramps (Rev’d!) + Black & White Years + Houston Rocks! + Ryan Lee Hanson + More

It’s Friday yet again — September 9th, this time — and as (almost) always, there’s plenty going on that sounds pretty cool… I’ve only got time to hit a couple right now, but I’ll do my best. Cool? Cool.

Before I get into that, though, I wanted to mention that it appears the old Engine Room space was built on an old Indian burial ground or something; given the number of different venues that’ve popped up & quickly died there, it sure feels like it’s cursed… And yeah, it looks like it’s claimed another soul, this time bringing down the relatively-new Underground Live.

Not sure about the details, I’m afraid; all I know for sure is that any shows scheduled for the place have been moved elsewhere. The Shonen Knife show scheduled for 10/28 is now shifted over to Stereo Live, while the Van Hunt show a little closer-in, time-wise, on 9/30, is now over at Warehouse Live. Yes, that’s a lot of “Live”s, folks.

I’m also sad to report that the Boyz II Men show that was supposed to happen on 10/8 out at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie(!) has been cancelled due to “scheduling conflicts.” I’m going to assume they’re being genuine and aren’t actually thrown off by the fact that they scheduled a bunch of 20-years-done soul crooners at a bar out in the boonies that sees mostly country artists and hosts a bullride every other night, noooo…

Anyway, back to tonight. The biggie for me is the Sideshow Tramps‘ CD release show at Fitzgerald’s for brand-new album Revelator, which I’ve fallen in love with big time this week — it’s seriously amazing, folks, a mishmash of wild, gypsy-fied folk, jazz, blues, rock, polka, ragtime, and whatever the hell else they can imagine, all stitched into one mind-blowing crazy-quilt of sound. They bring to mind Gogol Bordello and The Pogues in the best possible way, and I don’t make those two comparisons lightly. Full review over here.

For tonight’s show, the Tramps will undoubtedly tear the roof off, and I’m told there’ll be appearances by Hilary Sloan and Mydolls (although in light of Kathy Johnston‘s death, I’m not sure they’re still on the bill), burlesque dancers, and some kind of mystery guest the ZenHill folks can’t talk about due to “licensing restrictions.” Wha?

Anyway, it promises to be pretty awesome, as does the other Fitz show, which includes the excellent Young Girls in all their summer-surf-pop glory, cool prog-rock dudes Tax the Wolf, and headliners The Black & White Years, whom SCR writer Karen Hebert ably wrote up just a couple of days ago. Should be damn good.

Then there’s the Houston Rocks! (no relation) Showcase at the House of Blues, which has From Guts To Glory, who I’m intrigued by, and the last place you look, who I freaking love (look for ’em at this year’s BuzzFest, too; congrats on that one, y’all). Oh, and there’s O’Death over at Warehouse Live — heard great, great things about them — alongside the neato Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?

Over at Super Happy Fun Land, there’s an interesting lineup, too, with Goat and Faun and Ryan Lee Hanson — I ran across the latter a year or two ago, actually, when a Domy staffer happened to be playing his music and raved about the guy. He was going by “Ryan from the Shire” back then, and I’m glad to see he’s dropped that moniker, because the music was pretty cool…

Here’s the list:

Sideshow Tramps (CD release)/Hilary Sloan/Mydolls @ Fitzgerald’s
O’Death/Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship/The Handsome Ransom @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
The Black & White Years/Young Girls/Tax the Wolf @ Fitzgerald’s
Houston Rocks! Showcase, featuring From Guts to Glory, the last place you look, IDR, & Rainchild @ House of Blues
Goat and Faun/Goats of the Quick Burn/Ryan Lee Hanson/J Austin Griffith/Lee and the Moon @ Super Happy Fun Land
Junior Brown @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
MacAdams/The Lotus Effect/Opposite Day @ Rudyard’s
Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man/Thunderado/Chango Man @ The Continental Club
Joe “King” Carrasco and the Crowns @ The Flamingo Room
Rhythmatic, featuring Gritsy @ 2016 Mainstage

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