Another Earth

The Greek philosopher Philolaus once theorized there was a mirror Earth orbiting the Sun opposite us, an Earth exactly like us, filled with people exactly the same as us, living our lives. That’s a pretty esoteric subject for a drama about life and death…

Two Star Symphony Releases Titus Andronicus, This Weekend

This coming Saturday (August 6th) sees a cool event featuring a band I’ve desperately wanted to check out for a long, long time now, since way back when I heard amazing things from a fellow writer about their performances with the Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre

Robin Heads North; Spencer Gets Hitched (Um, Back in March)

Got some personal-type news to share about a couple of the cool folks over here at SCR; it’s good news, don’t worry… First off, we here at SCR HQ are both bummed & proud to bid a fond farewell to indefatigable writer Robin Babb

Miss Leslie Hits Scandinavia

In case you didn’t already know it, folks in Scandinavia take their music seriously. Screw Ace of Base, or even ABBA, much as I like ’em — beyond that handful of best-known acts, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have tons and tons of ridiculously talented bands…

Where The Hell Is Matt? This Evening, (Supposedly) Right Here

A little bird passed this along, so I’m not guaranteeing it’s really-truly going to happen, but supposedly Matt Harding, the guy from Where The Hell Is Matt? who travels ’round the world doing his goofy dance…

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