Michael Biehn Gets Bloody at the River Oaks Theatre, Tonight

Late notice, I know, but movie fans should sit up & take notice of a cool event going on tonight (Wednesday, August 17th) up at the River Oaks Theatre

The Houston Film Critics Society is hosting the Texas (woo, Texas! yeah!) premiere of the new horror flick The Victim, which is written and directed by and also happens to star the awesomely cool tough-guy actor Michael Biehn and his wife, Jennifer Blanc, both of whom will be on hand for tonight’s showing.

Now, you may not recognize Biehn’s name, but trust me, you know the guy — he played Corporal Hicks in Aliens, round-the-bend Lieutenant Coffey in The Abyss, Kyle Reese in the Terminator, Johnny Ringo in Tombstone, and similarly hard-nosed characters in Navy SEALs, K2, and The Rock. Oh, and along the way he was in Robert Rodriguez‘s Planet Terror deal, which somewhat explains the sleazy, bloody mess of The Victim.

I’ll admit, I’m not big on horror, and even less so of the ultra-gory stuff, but like Planet Terror, this one’s so over-the-top it’s less icky and more campy, an homage to revenge movies gone by. Biehn apparently plays some kind of recluse in the woods who’s thrown into the middle of a murder when one of the intended victims shows up at his doorstep, and the pair of them have to fight off the bad guys.

Check out the trailer here, but be warned — it is definitely, definitely NSFW, and um, it’s not just because of the gore and torture scenes (although there’re plenty of those, too). Just so you’re warned…

The show starts tonight at 7:30PM, and there’ll be a Q&A session with Biehn & Blanc afterwards. You can get tickets in advance here.

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