Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Mathletes Album Release (Rev’d!) + Rock the Bells + Bummerfest + Fringe Fest + More

There’s plenty going on this weekend, but I’m afraid yours truly will be a bit occupied and is going to miss it, so I’m going to try to hit ’em all briefly, at least. It kills me, actually, because on Saturday (August 13th, that is), in particular, there’s a ton of awesome stuff happening.

Top of the bill is the record release for The Mathletes, which will apparently pit several of Houston’s finest against one another, cage match-style, with only one emerging victorious (my money’s on Joe Mathlete & the gang). The show’s got awesomely fragile popster {Hearts if Animals} vs. experimental electronics manipulator Christopher Cascio, destructo-rapper B L A C K I E vs. oddball psych-garage-pop one-man-gang The Wiggins, bluesy indie-rockers Giant Princess vs. Woozyhelmet side project Baby Showers, actor/comedian/etc. guy Keith Reynolds vs. The Sparkle Ponies (whom I don’t know, sorry), Fishboy vs. some guy named Kanye somethingorother, and yes, soft-voiced, quirky indie-pop heroes The Mathletes vs. all comers.

Seriously, I love these guys; Joe Mathlete can do no wrong, in my book, and new album Excalibur (out on hometown label Homeskool Rekordz) is pretty great. It’s a lot less out-and-out funny than some of his previous stuff, more personal/confessional, but it’s excellent even still. Check out the full review over here.

Here’re the set times:

Of course, that’s not all — the Rock the Bells tour is coming through town, featuring my two favorite Wu-Tang members, Raekwon The Chef & Ghostface Killah (whose Fishscale still stands as one of the best hip-hop albums of the last decade). They’ll be blowing shit up at the House of Blues, alongside Mobb Deep.

Then there’s garage-noise showcase Bummerfest, whit features a crapload of bands that play loud enough to peel paint. I dunno all of ’em, I’m afraid, including headliners The Fleshlight, but there’re quite a few I do know & like, including garage-rockers The Mahas, throwback indie-rockers Muhammad Ali, & the messy sprawl that is Cop Warmth.

Over at The Mink, there’s another good lineup, with post-grunge rockers Rivers, prog-spazz dudes Giant Battle Monster, The Dead Revolt, and newcomers Harold Borup. And I can’t forget the Houston Fringe Festival, which started this week and is partly at Super Happy Fun Land — it’s not all strictly music, but it’s stil pretty neat…

And now, for the big-ass, combined list:

Sat., August 13:
Rock the Bells, featuring Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, & Mobb Deep @ House of Blues
The Mathletes vs. Houston Record Release Show, featuring The Mathletes, Giant Princess vs. Babyshowers, B L A C K I E vs. The Wiggins, Keith Reynolds vs. The Sparkle Ponies, Hearts of Animals vs. Christopher Cascio, & Fishboy @ Fitzgerald’s
Bummerfest, featuring The Fleshlights, Burning Itch, Secret Prostitutes, Muhammad Ali, White Crime, Noguey (cassette release), The Mahas, Hamamatsu Tom & the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony, Crime Wave, Cop Warmth, Sleuth, Guwange, & Clockpole @ The Ponderosa (1503 Nance; 6PM-12AM, BYOB)
Against The Grain/Counterfeit I/Chelsea Hotel/Dead Roses/The Wrong Ones @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
Hollywood Black @ Mango’s
Houston Fringe Festival, featuring Ornery Theatre, Ryan Cockerham, & Audacity Theatre Lab @ Super Happy Fun Land
Harold Borup/Rivers/The Dead Revolt/Giant Battle Monster @ The Mink
Stevie Nicks/Michael Grimm @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
AndyRoo @ Frost Bank Rice Village (11AM-2PM)
Honky/Amplified Heat @ The Continental Club
Paco Estrada/Language Room/Ill Pastel/Castle Lights @ Jet Lounge/ECHO
Andrew Karnavas @ Natachee’s Supper ‘N Punch
I Love Dubstep, featuring 16 Bit, Hulk, Gritsy, & Texas Dub @ Warehouse Live
Blaggards @ Olde City Pub
Dance Mofo Dance, featuring Go Go Bizkitt!, GRRRL Parts, Best Legs, & Kiyoshi @ Boondocks
Nightlights @ Earhart House (413 CR 28, Angleton)

Sun., August 14:
Houston Fringe Festival, featuring Ryan Cockerham & Ornery Theatre @ Super Happy Fun Land
DJ Skribble @ Sanctuary (2420 Washington)
The Texas Buzz, featuring The Crisis, Caney Creek Heroes, & Mercy! @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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