Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Dharmageddon + Bexar City Bastards (Rev’d!) + Niceguys(?) + Mantis + DJ Craig H + More

Running behind again, sadly, which sucks, because there’s one hell of a show going on tonight (Friday, August 12th) up at Fitzgerald’s; it’s been dubbed Dharmageddon, and it’s being put on by Tyagaraja as a benefit to raise money to start a Buddhist school/monastery in Nepal. Which is to say, it’s a little bit different in terms of benefit shows ’round these parts, but still well worth helping out. Along with the cover — $10 for the 21+ crew, $12 for the 20-and-less — there’s also a silent auction to help raise funds.

Of course, me being the crass materialistic bastard that I am, it’s the music that grabs me, mostly; there’s quite a cool bunch of folks playing, a lot of ’em among my favorite bands in town, including listenlisten, Young Girls, Folk Family Revival, B L A C K I E, Chase Hamblin & Fat Tony, as well as folks I’m interested in checking out, like Come See My Dead Person & Austin’s Fresh Millions (not to mention the full-band version of Tyagaraja, for obvious reasons).

Sadly, it looks like the schedule’s changed up a bit, and Roky Moon & BOLT! and Tax the Wolf aren’t listed anymore, but it’s still pretty cool; here’s the schedule, the latest version I’ve seen”

Head out now, and you can still make the bulk of it…

Or, hey, you could hit Rudyard’s instead, where you’ll still have plenty of time (Rudz being how it is) to catch Austin/San Antonio band The Bexar County Bastards when they play with Automatic Thrill at the latter’s CD release show.

I have yet to hear the latter, sadly — although I’ve heard they’re good — but the Cutthroat Recs folks were kind enough to send the Bastards’ new album, Come And Take It, a little while back, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it at the moment. Full review on over here, if you’re so inclined.

Beyond that, The Niceguys might be playing tonight at the Last Concert Cafe — the name on the bill is “Mr. Nice Guys,” but considering that the next name is the murkily mysterious hip-hop/funk/whatever outfit Mantis, I’m thinking they may’ve messed up the Niceguys’ name. That said, the show’s not on their Facebook page, either, so eh. No idea.

Last but not least, cool writerly dude and sometime DJ Craig Hlavaty will be at Stereo Live tonight, spinning with none other than Sasha Grey, who apparently used to be a porn star but is now a high-flying DJ. Seriously? That actually happens? Whoa.

Here’s tonight’s list:

Dharmageddon: Benefit for a Village in Nepal Trying to Build a Buddhist Teaching Center/Monastery, featuring B L A C K I E, Fat Tony, Tyagaraja, listenlisten, Come See My Dead Person, Folk Family Revival, Young Girls, Fresh Millions, Chase Hamblin, Thunderkunt, & Portal Walker @ Fitzgerald’s
Houston Fringe Festival, featuring Audacity Theatre Lab & Ornery Theatre @ Super Happy Fun Land
The Niceguys/Mantis/Montana Thurogood/Jimmy Lee Deen @ Last Concert Cafe
John Evans @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils @ The Continental Club
DJ Sasha Grey/DJ Craig Hlavaty/Fredster/Reverberation DJs/Vance Lawrence @ Stereo Live
Automatic Thrill (CD release)/Bexar County Bastards/Donkey Punch @ Rudyard’s
Townesend Turner/Brandon Duhon/BLACKCAT/Hell Chaos/VJ Artebone @ The Mink
t.h.e. MisFit Crazy-8 @ Toc Bar

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