Girls Rock Camp Houston End of Camp Showcase, Tomorrow at Fitz

I’ve talked a few times in this space about it, I know, but I want to reiterate just how freaking cool I happen to think the whole Girls Rock Camp Houston thing is. As the proud papa of a seriously music-obsessed little girl (who manages to like Taylor Swift, Killswitch Engage, Gogol Bordello, the Jonas Bros., and Priory, all at the same time), I think it’s awesome that girls who are interested in music can come together like this and learn how the process works: how to play instruments along with other people, how to write songs, how to be in a band. And hey, learning to be more confident and self-assured along the way is pretty great, too.

With that in mind, I’m psyched to see/hear this year’s End of Camp Showcase, where the six(?) bands the girls in the Camp put together will get on stage at Fitzgerald’s tomorrow night (Sunday, August 7th) and rock their hearts out, playing songs they wrote themselves and having a blast doing it. One of these days I suspect it’ll be my little girl up there (she’s not yet 8, sadly), but ’til then I’m still happy to applaud the kids for working their hardest and being brave enough to show it to the world.

I’m hoping to take Midget #1 to see the show tomorrow and rock out (with special applause for Lizzie Parker, daughter of friends Joel & Shana!); you should do the same. Doors are at 4PM, bands start at 5PM, and it’s a measly $7 to see the next-next generation of female rockers get their start. Just go, okay?

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