Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Ancient Cat Society + Sour Notes + Blues on the Back Porch + Cinderella + More

A smaller pile of stuff to check out tomorrow, Sunday, July 10th, to be sure, but there’re still a few noteworthy things going on.

Most notably, there’s a very cool show going on at Fitz tomorrow night, with Ancient Cat Society, which I’m told is very cool — and which began its life as a side project for Sergio from Buxton, I believe — and Houston-gone-Austin peeps The Sour Notes and Elaine Greer. The latter two are freaking great; the more I listen to the Notes’ Last Looks, the more pitch-perfect the damn thing sounds to me, and Greer’s new one, Annotations, is excellent so far, as well.

During the mostly-daylight hours beforehand, blues fans and fans of KPFT need to head over to the station (419 Lovett) for their annual(?) Blues on the Back Porch benefit. This year’s show includes John Egan, The Mighty Orq, and Doug Macleod, and what could be better on a nice, bright, sunshiny afternoon than some cool, countrified blues?

Last on the list, but first in the heart of my teenage metalhead self, is Cinderella‘s show up at the House of Blues. I don’t care what you think of glam-metal in general; 1988’s Long Cold Winter was a fine, fine roots-rock album by any standard, and my dubbed cassette copy lived in the boombox in my car (I didn’t even have a tape deck, back then) for a long damn time.

And honestly, at this point I’m just mystified how Tom Keifer can still sing at all, after sounding like he’s been gargling razorblades for 30 years now…

Anyway, here’s the “full” list, such as it is:

Ancient Cat Society/The Sour Notes/Elaine Greer & Friends/Marmalakes @ Fitzgerald’s
Cinderella/John Corabi @ House of Blues
Blues on the Back Porch 90.1FM KPFT Benefit, featuring John Egan, The Mighty Orq, & Doug Macleod @ 419 Lovett (4-8PM)

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One Response to “Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Ancient Cat Society + Sour Notes + Blues on the Back Porch + Cinderella + More”

  1. Creg on July 14th, 2011 at 2:01 am

    (Tom’s voice was perfect!) I couldn’t have been more shocked. He screamed all night. It was great. The house of blues is never great tho

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