Early Warning: M83 Coming to Town in November

Oh, hell yes. I love, love, love this band(?) — M83 is hands down my favorite quasi-ambient electronic outfit, no question, mashing together the best parts of My Bloody Valentine, Tangerine Dream, and Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score into these grand, sweeping, primary-colored (but often still very dark), heartcrushingly gorgeous deluges of epic sound.

I’ve got both Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts and Before the Dawn Heals Us in my car right now, even, just in case I should be driving down the freeway into a surprise sunshower or hazy sunset and feel the need for some kind of a soundtrack.

And yet, I’ve never had the chance to see ’em (er, him, main man Anthony Gonzalez) live, at least not ’til now — M83 just announced a slew of North American dates, including a stop in town at Warehouse Live on Friday, November 4th, before heading on over to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest. Sweeeeeet.

Gonzalez also recently threw a little teaser for his forthcoming new album up on the M83 site, and it pretty well encapsulates why I love his music; check it out below:

I’m marking this one on my personal calendar far, far in advance, folks.

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2 Responses to “Early Warning: M83 Coming to Town in November”

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